Steve Jobs – Flash Not Suitable for Mobile Devices

Steve Jobs Adobe Flash

TOKYO (MacHouse) – It’s been a web sensation these days that Apple publicly refuses to continue supporting Adobe‘s Flash, a multimedia format, on their mobile devices. Adobe contends that Apple is a closed company while Steve Jobs says Flash is an old technology. So Apple doesn’t want to allow Flash on iPhones, iPods and iPads. But Many Mac computer users don’t quite see the real picture of why Apple doesn’t like Flash. If it’s a near-obsolete technology, why do we find Flash here and there?  

Steve Jobs Adobe Flash

This article, which appears to be written by Steve Jobs himself because it contains many grammatical mistakes, gives many reasons why Apple’s mobile devices need not rely on Flash. He primarily believes that Flash does not perform well on mobile devices. There are security risks with Flash, he says. And he even says that Flash is No. 1 reason why Macs crash.

4 thoughts on “Steve Jobs – Flash Not Suitable for Mobile Devices

  1. May be there is security holes regarding flash content, may be one of the reason for apple OS to crash. But It is not a obsolete technology! Hope steve will bring some other application to compete Flash.


  2. I won’t say if Flash is good or bad. But I thought Mr. Jobs explanations are quite convincing. The truth is that there are a lot of people blaming him and Apple for their inability to support Flash. It’s also true that most users including me still don’t have a clue as to why Flash is bad in light of programming. In the meantime, I just ran into a short article written by ZDNet guy by accident. He appears to side with Mr. Jobs.

  3. after hearing about that i just thought i’m living in a wrong world… for steve flash seems to be as his own products – good design but lesser use than other products. would he earn money with flash he would have enabled it on all his products. since he is ever been like a small child crying if something does not follow his will…then he fires people and goes crazy. so how can someone like this be serious? why does people support such dictatorship ? yes it’s a kind of dictatorship if someone in steves position partitially ruin a whole scene of flash developers because of his likes and dislikes. i once like the apple thing.i worked on apple stuff. today i think more and more apple products are made for those people who are too stupid realizing they are wasting money on products with just one key. who the hel needs an iphone or ipad? there are much better opportunities and they all cost less have more functionality – they might not look that nice but they are not useless. So for me the cult object apples once was nowadays is died and should be buried soon. sadly this did not go into peoples heads.

    and well yes i’m a flash designer and i won’T support mr. jobs for getting richer and on the other side killing jobs of 10000.

    little sidenote: did anyone realized that ipads an iphones has touchscreen displays which are very unhygenic?

  4. Well, I understand your fear that the existence of your work base, Flash, is jeopardized. In the meantime, if I were Mr. Jobs, I might fire the Apple employee who took the prototype iPhone out of the company building. Of course, that would depend on Apple’s corporate policy. Just like Mr. Jobs, maybe, I don’t like people who don’t and can’t follow simple rules.

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