What happened to Apple – Downloads?

Mac software

For those who develop Mac applications, two most popular websites where to promote their products are VersionTracker and MacUpdate. Another somewhat popular one is Softpedia. Not all Mac software developers submit their products, but there’s another popular website. Apple itself has a website where they accept software submissions. In fact, according to BookmarksX, Google sees Apple – Downloads as quite a popular website. (See Screenshot 01.) It’s Google PageRank is 7, the same as that of MacUpdate. (See Screenshot 02.)

Mac software
Screenshot 01 – Source: Apple
  Mac software
Screenshot 02 – Source: MacHouse

Some people may have noticed that Apple – Downloads has not been updated for about 4 weeks. In fact, we noticed at the beginning of the month that there was something wrong there.

Currently, VersionTracker is the only website where we regularly submit our software product. Filing a software submission with Apple – Downloads comes with a small price. They won’t automatically introduce all software products. If they find something wrong with your software product, you will only find the fact of rejection in a hard way. Apple – Downloads won’t tell you what’s wrong with it unless you ask. You won’t find their contact e-mail address easily, anyway. So you have to keep going back to their website for the next 2 or 3 days and see if your product is introduced there.

We don’t submit all our software products to Apple – Downloads. We do fear that it won’t be accepted every time we submit one. After waiting for several days, we may face a tough dilemma. Why, what’s wrong with it? Should we ask them why it’s been rejected? The truth is that it’s Apple’s website. So they have no obligation to introduce products they don’t like just as we have no obligation to take down the article here that MacUpdate has been trying to make us remove. But Apple is also losing their integrity at the same time. Nobody knows how they make decisions behind the closed door as to why this product should be introduced but why not that product.

Last month, we upgraded Split n Join, our No. 2 most-selling software product. Apple – Downloads rejected the previous version. And we decided to submit Version 2 to them because we were confident that we made a lot of progress with this upgrade. Going back to their website after submitting it, there was no sign that they were going to introduce Split n Join 2. Day 2, it wasn’t there. Day 3, nope. Day 4, Day 5… So we eventually accepted the defeat. But what’s wrong with it? Of course, Split n Join 2 is not perfect. But we didn’t find any serious problems. And it was a personal struggle for all of us that lasted for the next several days. We couldn’t sleep. We had little will power to update Split n Join any further. “Is that because of this?” “Wait… Maybe, this is why.” Before going insane, we decided to contact Apple – Downloads and ask why it’s been rejected.  

After waiting for three days or so, they gave us a kind reply. It goes

We noted that the Interface UI buttons get cut off when (a smaller sized) movie is imported – so there was no way to split. (See Screenshot 03.)

Hmm… That’s odd. As shown in Screenshot 04, Split n Join 2 comes with a separate built-in movie player. Unless one side of the movie is smaller than 64 pixels, the application window couldn’t even virtually fall apart. Wait… He or she used the past tense. Interestingly, this is the exactly same response we got for Split n Join 1.x. Obviously, this person is talking about Split n Join 1.x. We tried to explain to them that they were simply talking about a wrong version. (See Screenshot 05.) But we haven’t heard from them for weeks. And the website has not been updated since.

Mac software
Screenshot 03 – Source: Apple
  Mac software
Screenshot 04 – Source: MacHouse
  Mac software
Screenshot 05 – Source: MacHouse

In the meantime, visiting their software submission website, it’s still there. So they still accept software submissions.

Mac software
Screenshot 06 – Source: Apple

In summary, we don’t know exactly what’s happened to Apple – Downloads. The website has not been updated for several weeks. But they are still accepting software submissions. I’m sure we won’t miss it if they close the website not because they rejected Split n Join 2. Nobody knows what’s going on behind the closed door in deciding which product should be introduced and which product shouldn’t be. Mistakes happen. But outsiders can’t even tell if mistakes are made.

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