How MacUpdate Misrepresents MacHouse over Movie2Shot

Mac software Movie2Shot

TOKYO (MacHouse) – Movie2Shot is a Mac software product we first released in March 25th. So it’s about 3 weeks old. Some 15 hours ago, we officially released Movie2Shot Version 1.3.0.

Just about an hour ago, we wanted to know how other websites talk about Movie2Shot. So we asked Google about it. And we were a bit shocked with the search result. The very top search hit was found at MacUpdate. (See Screenshot 01.) Hmm… That is odd. We haven’t even submitted Movie2Shot to MacUpdate. So why is it there? In fact, we don’t even visit MacUpdate. One of us made the last visit probably some 2 weeks before. Anyway, clicking on Google’s top search result, we were shocked more.  

Mac software Movie2Shot
Screenshot 01
  Mac software Movie2Shot
Screenshot 02

Screenshot 2 shows the profile of Movie2Shot found at MacUpdate. And there is something wrong with this picture. The software version is shown as 1.0. Okay. So it’s not the latest version. But if you closely read its version description, you may find that this description is not written for Version 1.0 but for Version 1.3.0. Or see the version history of Movie2Shot. (See Screenshot 3.) And the date shown there is April 11th. How did they get this description in April 11th when in fact Version 1.3.0 was released in April 14th?

Mac software Movie2Shot
Screenshot 03
  Mac software Movie2Shot
Screenshot 04

You may think that we are making a big deal about MacUpdate’s introducing our product without our consent. Didn’t we get a free ad? No. 1, the version number is wrong. It’s called misrepresentation. No. 2, If we had wanted MacUpdate to introduce Movie2Shot, we would have submitted it to them in the first place. But we haven’t and never will. No. 3, MacUpdate is a pain in the ass and difficult to get along with. Once we asked to remove the profile of HomeSync Lite, and they refused. No. 4, they make quite a lot of mistakes. Or see what’s wrong with the picture shown in Screenshot 04. What’s wrong with it? There is no bkBrowse 1.6.2. And we didn’t even make this submission. The latest version available is 1.2.0. And what’s wrong with the picture shown in Screenshot 05? We didn’t make this typo.

Mac software Movie2Shot
Screenshot 05

The worst part of MacUpdate is that they deliberately throw away software submissions if you refuse to do what they tell you to do. After we repeatedly said no to their request for taking down one article here, three software submissions we made with them were never listed there. Eventually, MacUpdate COO admitted to throwing away our software submissions. That’s why we no longer waste our time filling software submissions with MacUpdate. And we don’t certainly appreciate their submitting our products themselves. It would be nice if they left our products alone.

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