MacHouse to Release Movie2Shot

Mac software Movie2Shot

TOKYO (MacHouse) – A Mac software product we are currently working on is movie-related again. This product is called Movie2Shot. Hopefully, we can release it in a few days. If you take a good look at the snapshot below, you might get some idea about its main capability.

Mac software Movie2Shot

Movie2Shot will soon be distributed through VersionTracker. But you will never find it at MacUpdate, an evil website where they deliberately throw away our software submissions. They are good at snatching software submissions from VersionTracker, though.

Movie2Shot is a product of MacHouse.

20 thoughts on “MacHouse to Release Movie2Shot

  1. There’s a lot of really handy features of this application and I like it a lot, but one thing is bugging me and I’m not sure if it’s an error or not, but why won’t it take more than 998 caps of a video clip regardless of the length of the video?

  2. I never imagined anyone would generate more than 1,000 screenshots at a time. I don’t see a problem extending the max number. A next update will allow the user to export up to 1,000,000 at a time screenshots unless I run into an unknown issue.

  3. We appreciate requests and bug reports, which only make our products better. In the meantime, we’ve released Movie2Shot 1.6.8 with one minor bug fix I just discovered as well as the cap correction. You can read release notes by choosing Help > Version History.

  4. The Mac App Store added updated the version of Movie2Shot they are carrying, and I downloaded the update today, but for some reason when I run the multishots mode it still stops taking stills at 999 images. I looked through all the preferences for a reason for this but I must be missing something, any suggestions?

  5. I’m sorry for having misunderstood what you wanted. I thought you were referring to the main screenshot function. Anyway, the maximum number of possible screenshots the application can generate is increased to 100,000,000 under MultiShots, 1Movie1, 1Movie2. I’ve already sent an update to Mac App Store.

    Good day

  6. Mac App Store has just informed us that the latest submission (ver. 1.6.9) has been approved. It should soon be available to you.

  7. I have your software. It does almost what I want it to do but just one thing is wrong. I want to extract EVERY frame from the clip. For example if the clip is 10 seconds long at 14FPS I want all 140 images. Can that be done? or can you ad a mode to extract all frames. PLEASE 🙂 other wise I have wasted my money.

  8. Thank you for your using Movie2Shot.

    No. Movie2Shot doesn’t have the exact feature that you’ve described. Could it be done? Not to my knowledge… Let me suppose that there actually is a way of quickly returning the total number of frames for a given movie. Still, to my knowledge, there is no way of extracting a picture at Nth frame. Movie2Shot uses the number of seconds as a reference to position the current frame.

  9. Hi, long time user and fan of Movie2Shot, but I haven’t used it much since I started getting it from the app store and then today it’s given me some major errors. I tried a reinstall, (through the app store) but nothing changed. For some reason when I drag to play .mkv files it gives me a “File cannot be found” error. Meanwhile with .avi files it seems willing to find and play the video, but when I click play the video window remains grey and clicking the snapshot export button I receive another error: “An exception of class NilObjectException was not handled. The application must shut down.” How can I fix this? I am running OSX 10.6

  10. Also, since the reinstall through the app store, the “Require restart” preference that automatically relaunches the application after new settings have been applied will not restart the application. Instead I receive a Finder error saying: “The application can’t be found.”

  11. roximonoxide,

    Thank you for your kinds words. What is your Movie2Shot version? And how big is the AVI file that you’ve tested.

  12. You’re welcome. I do love this program, I’m eager to have it working again! I’m running Movie2Shot v1.7.2 and the avi files I’ve tested have been about 300MB.

  13. roximonoxide,

    I’m sorry to tell you. But there isn’t much that we can’t do about ‘additional media types.’ If the application can’t decode it, then it can’t. The application was able to decode AVI with Xvid under Leopard, I think. If you install proper codecs as well as Perian, that might help. We can’t help it because Apple abandoned QuickTime 7 a while ago. As for the restart thing, I tested it twice. And the application did restart when I closed Preferences.

    Meanwhile, if you really need to take screenshots of AVI movies, then you may want to use MPEG Streamclip to convert them into MOV files. It shouldn’t take a minute for conversion with a 1.4 GB movie.

  14. No need to apologize! You’ve done more for me than you know! I recently formated the system I’m working on and had not reinstalled Perian. As soon as I installed Perian, Movie2Shot was able to decode the files without issue. Thanks much! I’m in awe of how fast you got back to me! You guys are awesome to your customers!

  15. Dear existing Movie2Shot users,

    Movie2Shot will soon be upgraded to Version 2, which has been developed from a scratch with Objective-C. Movie2Shot Version 2 will only run under Mac OS X 10.7 and 10.8, cutting off Snow Leopard users. Please click here for more information.

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