Hostage Crisis at MacUpdate – 2 Software Submissions Killed

MacUpdate Misha

TOKYO (MacHouse) – More than 40 hours ago, we reported a hostage crisis at MacUpdate ( to which we submitted two updates of our software products, BookmarksX 1.7.5 and DVD2Browse 1.1.0. It had been almost 60 hours since we made software submissions and feared that they expunged them intentionally or by accident. So we were obliged to contact MacUpdate. The following is a prompt reply from MacUpdate C.O.O. Misha.

According to the content editor working the shift when your submissions came in, neither the web pages of the apps in question nor the version metadata provided in the download links indicated that the new versions were available yet.

It appears that they have indeed expunged our software submissions. We are disappointed to know that MacUpdate has chosen to make our last 2 software submissions disappear whatever the reason was as its competitor VersionTracker has never lost our submissions in the past. Indeed, BookmarksX 1.7.5 and DVD2Browse 1.1.0 are listed at VersionTracker.

So MacUpdate just makes our software submissions disappear like that?

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