What’s Coming Next? – Junk-O-Magic

Mac software Junk-O-Magic

TOKYO (MacHouse) – The second Mac freeware title we are about to release this month is called Junk-O-Magic. It consists of more than 10 components, most of which are derived from existing applications we’ve developed. If you use it right, Junk-O-Magic can do some quick and wonderful magic tricks. Or maybe it’s just a junk collection of useless applications.  

Mac software Junk-O-Magic

A few of the new features that are available with Junk-O-Magic include FileVizible, CaseChange and NewFolders. You will find out more about what Junk-O-Magic can do for you within 24 hours.

Junk-O-Magic is a product of MacHouse.

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