Got MKV? – MacHouse Releases MKVToolPack and MKVTool Pack Lite

Mac Matroska freeware MKVToolPack

TOKYO (MacHouse) – Today, MacHouse has released MKVToolPack (commercial version) and MKVTool Pack Lite (freeware version), which both allow users to work on popular multimedia container Matroska. For Mac users, the Matroska container format is not so useful yet because there is no movie editor that would let them copy, cut and paste frames. With MKVTool Pack, you can rip video, audio, subtitle tracks out of Matroska-contained movies to create new MP4-contained movies with those ripped media tracks. Other things being done right, MKVTool users can edit MP4 movies by cutting or trimming frames and deleting or inserting audio tracks. They can then save changes to convert them into QuickTime movies (.MOV) or export them with different audio and video compressors.  

Mac Matroska freeware MKVToolPack  

MKVToolPack consists of four components: Unpack, Pack MP4, Pack MOV and Pack MKV.

Mac Matroska freeware MKVToolPack  

Under Unpack, ripping media tracks out of Matroska movies cannot be any easier than the following workflow. Load a movie and select tracks that you want. Then click on the Export button. What, did you expect more?

Mac Matroska freeware MKVToolPack  

Switch to Pack MP4 to use these ripped tracks and make MP4 movies. Or use a Mac freeware title called Subler. Switch to Pack MOV to edit MP4 movies that you have created by cutting or trimming frames and deleting or inserting audio tracks. If you have movies with specific container formats and/or raw audio, video, subtitle track files, you can create Matroska movies of your own under Pack MKV.

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MKVToolPack and MKVToolPack Lite are products of MacHouse

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