Saying ‘Good-bye’ to versiontracker

Mac MacHouse

TOKYO (MacHouse) – Because of their terribly poor support for developers, we have pulled all our software products from versiontracker. MacHouse software products are still listed at MacUpdate and some at Apple.  

How poor? The following is a list of problems that we had with versiontracker

  1. Almost non-existent developer support – Don’t waste your time trying to contact them because they won’t answer your questions.
  2. High submission failure rate – after some change at versiontracker in July, your software submission faces a 30 to 50% chance of disappearance, meaning… Do it all over again if you don’t see your product in the list. That means you cannot trust what versiontracker does and have to make a frequent visit to see if your product has been listed after submission
  3. Sever errors – Be prepared to see ‘proxy error’ or ‘internal error’ while you submit your software product. We’ve seen it many times.
  4. Action against hate reviews? – versiontracker does not always take down hate reviews posted by extortionists like Born Yesterday (also known as MACTECHHEAD at MacUpdate) who give a 1 start or 2 for retaliation when they don’t get what they want. versiontracker may take down hate reviews, but they often fail to remove bad stars.
  5. Confusing campaign – versiontracker made some change in July. After submitting a software product, software developers now land at a confusing page which looks as if they had no choice but to pay a subscription fee on the monthly or annual basis.

If you are a software developer, why would you stay with versiontracker?

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