A-Cownts Updated to 1.0.6, WPWriter Updated to 1.0.5

MacHouse freeware A-Cownts   MacHouse freeware WPWriter

TOKYO (MacHouse) – MacHouse has updated two of their freeware titles, A-Cownts and WPWriter. A-Cownts is updated to 1.0.6. And WPWriter is updated to 1.0.5. They are both updated to support a new set of undo / redo functions.  

A-Cownts is an account management software program. It lets users manage Internet accounts (blogs, forums, e-mail addresses…) all comprehensively with a strong encryption scheme. Yes, it’s similar to a very old Mac shareware title called PasswordMaster. And A-Cownts is only better at all levels because

  • it’s a freeware title
  • it supports 2-byte characters
  • it’s a Universal Binary application
  • you can register accounts with e-mail addresses
  • it comes with Dice, a built-in password generator that lets you create a string of up to 99 characters (special characters and Greek letters are supported).

  • WPWriter is a simple text editor for assisting WordPress publishers. Writing WordPress articles requires something more than HTML. And WPWriter will give you a quick hand. A-Cownts and WPWriter are both available for Mac and Windows users.

    Click on the button to learn more about A-Cownts and/or download a copy. VTC
    Click on the button to learn more about WPWriter and/or download a copy. VTC

    A-Cownts is a product of MacHouse.
    WPWriter is a product of MacHouse.

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