ScreenSequence for Mac and Windows Coming Soon…

MacHouse freeware ScreenSequence

ScreenSequence is a new freeware title that we’ve been working on. And it will be available in a few days for Mac and Windows users.

MacHouse freeware ScreenSequence

What is ScreenSequence? ScreenSequence is a simple application that allows users to create 2-frame movies with QuickTime‘s SMPTE Video Effects. QuickTime has more than 100 builtp-in SMPTE effects, and ScreenSequence utiltizes them. All you have to do is to drag and drop two individual graphic images onto the application window, select a video effect, and then set the resolution and frame rate. If you further choose Export under File, you will see the typical QuickTime export window.

ScreenSequence is a product of MacHouse.
QuickTime is a product of Apple, Inc.

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