Mac Version of SPORE Causing Another Fiasco?

Mac PC game SPORE

A week ago, we reported that some Mac users were having a tough time playing EA‘s new game SPORE. Some people even reported problems at Apple Discussions as early as September 8, one day after the game was first released. The game doesn’t launch itself at all for some users. Many users have reported that the game will run for a few days and then now produce debugging errors.

Mac PC game SPORE
Screenshot 01 – Source: Apple Discussions
Mac PC game SPORE
Screenshot 02 – Source: Apple Discussions
Mac PC game SPORE
Screenshot 03 – Source: Apple Discussions

Fortunately, EA issued a game patch in September 18 for PC users. And the Mac patch was released a few days ago, accordingly. (See Screenshot 01.) That indicates that this debugging problem wasn’t specific to the Mac platform. According to SPORE official website, Mac users will get the patch automatically by just launching the game. (See Screenshot 02.) The problem is finally solved, huh? Well… Some Mac users may disagree. 

According to the user reviews posted at MacUpdate – a popular Mac software updates website -, this automatic update feature doesn’t function properly. One reviewer writes

Spore is not self-updating here.

(See Screenshot 03.) Another reviewer writes

Huh… auto-updater fails because it says some files have changed. The updater can’t figure out that I moved it to the Applications folder? Seriously, EA? I need to keep the pointless subfolder just to patch the game?


If the case is such that the automatic update feature doesn’t always work, it is possible that some Mac users have not been able to play the game at all since it was released in September 7.


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2 thoughts on “Mac Version of SPORE Causing Another Fiasco?

  1. I don’t have the problem of running the game, but my problem is that it will not connect to the internet without an administrative profile on my mac. So far I have not found any way of getting the internet without it and none of the patches help with it. My connection to internet with safari is perfect though.

  2. If you run a utility application that controls Internet traffic like Little Snitch, an attempt for going online may be stopped.

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