Boring Adobe After Effects Sample Series: Using Magic Wand to Get iMac for Kids

Adobe After Effects 8.0.1

Last month, I went to Peru as a volunteer to show Peruvian kids magic. I arrived at a very small village and went straight to the only elementary school there. I was well prepared. I knew several good coin tricks. I even took two pigeons with me if kids wanted to see real tricks. I entered a large classroom where I was silently welcomed by about 50 kids. I started my magic show with a couple of coin tricks at first. But the kids responded only with grim faces. So I said

All right, kids. Guess what’s going to appear when I open this cloth.

I expected that kids would be amazed to see my pigeon trick. But a little boy sitting at back stood up and said

Adobe After Effects sample


Huh!? What is this kid? I didn’t bring my iMac all the way to Peru with me. What was he thinking? I didn’t forget to bring my MacBook with me, though. So I responded

Class, do you know what MacBook is? 

Then the same boy spoke up and said he wanted to see an iMac. Kids… I went there with no pay. And all you want to see is an iMac? I was tired. I wanted to vanish. I said to myself – Could somebody hand me a magic wand? Then a girl sitting at front said

Here. Use this.

A magic wand… Who is this girl? WHO ARE THESE KIDS? Obviously, it was a toy. Wait… Maybe, this toy would let me make myself disappear without a trace, I said to myself. So I used it. Then kids all said


When I opened the cloth, there was an iMac sitting on a table. Kids were all so amazed that they could not stop cheering for several seconds. Whoa… I turned around and said

Is this a real magic wand?

But the girl who was sitting at front was gone. Then the magic wand suddenly disappeared.

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Adobe After Effects is a product of Adobe Systems Incorporate.
iMac is a product of Apple, Inc.

The still iMac image used in this sample movie comes from Apple > iMac > Design

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