HQCODECVIP1355.DMG Containing Trojan (OSX/RSPlug-Gen)

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TOKYO (MacHouse) – In the last article hosted at our SEO/Web Safety blog, we mentioned a disc image which we suspected contains a Trojan virus targeting Mac users. We sent this file, hqcodecvip1355.dmg, to security expert Sophos for a review. And they have confirmed to us that this disc image contains a Trojan’s derivative called ‘OSX/RSPlug-Gen.’ According to Sophos, it’s described as a malicious program which is designed to modify “the computer’s network settings,” “potentially causing the user’s web traffic to be redirected to malicious sites.” It’s also known as DNS Changer Trojan. hqcodecvip1355.dmg contains a DNS Changer Trojan that specifically targets Mac users. And there is another file from hqcodecvip.com. The file name is hqcodecvip1000.dmg. It’s possible that this file is also infected.

We appreciate Sophos for their quick response and for their finding.

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