What’s Coming Up Next? – Tom Bluewater Introducing Quick Clip for macOS

Mac application Quick Clip

TOKYO (Tom Bluewater) – After absence for two weeks and a half, I’m back with introduction of another desktop application. It’s called Quick Clip.

Quick Clip is a desktop application that I have developed so that I can easily clip a specific area of a desktop movie I record with QuickTime Player. QuickTime Player is a great piece of software that we all get to use. One problem is that it records the desktop movement for the entire screen. I often record a portion of it like 1,440 points x 900 points starting at the top-left corner in order to introduce a new desktop application that I have developed. If I record any mouse activity inside that portion, then a finished movie will look awkward. So I want to trim an area with no mouse activity. I also want to add one or more audio tracks to a desktop movie. And maybe watermarking a movie with a small image? So I’ve eventually ended up with Quick Clip.  Continue reading

What’s Coming Up Next? – Tom Bluewater Introducing Desk Shots 3 for macOS

Mac application Desk Shots 3

TOKYO (Tom Bluewater) – It looks like the summer is almost there although the yearly rainy season hasn’t started yet. Before it does, I have something to report to you. Oh, yeah, a new app, right? Yes. A desktop application that I submitted to Mac App Store some 30 seconds ago is called Desk Shots 3. Yes, Desk Shots Version 3 is ready to roll!

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