What’s Coming Up Next? – Tom Bluewater Introducing iScrapboard for iOS

iOS Swift iPhone app iScrapboard

TOKYO (Tom Bluewater) – iScrapboard is the iOS counterpart of the last desktop application (Scrapboard Cloud) we introduced earlier.

iScrapboard is a multi-page virtual bulletin where you can post a number of text notes, pictures and more. You have options of store data locally or on the iCloud data server. By uploading data to iCloud, you can share the same set of data with other iOS devices and macOS desktop computers.
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What’s Coming Up Next? – Tom Bluewater Introducing Scrapboard Cloud for macOS

Mac application Scrapboard Cloud

TOKYO (Tom Bluewater) – These days, I’ve been using CloudKit to develop iOS and macOS applications at the same time. CloudKit is an amazingly useful tool for software developers although it’s a bit difficult to learn due to lack of information. Anyway, at the end of the last year, I thought to myself “Could I possibly use CloudKit for the Scrapboard project? I know Scrapboard users want to have access to the same dataset whether they use a desktop computer or an iOS device. And the answer is Yes. A desktop application that I submitted to Mac App Store a while ago is called Scrapboard Cloud.

The history of Scrapboard Cloud goes back to April 2013 when I submitted StickHere to App Store. It’s an iOS app that let the user paste text notes and pictures on a virtual bulletin board. And I then released Scrapboard for Mac users in October, 2014.

Anyway, Scrapboard Cloud lets you use a multi-page virtual bulletin board to create and post text notes, pictures and more. As the name suggests, this application lets you upload data to iCloud so that you can use the iOS counterpart to get access to the exactly same dataset. Use of the iCloud data server is optional. If you don’t plan to share data with other devices and machines, you can use your virtual bulletin board, saving data locally.   Continue reading