What’s Coming Up Next? – MacHouse Introducing PDF2Pictures for Mac OS X

Mac OS X software PDF2Pictures

TOKYO (MacHouse) – If I have some idea about what to create next, I am most likely to be able to finish an application in a few days. Well, I’m working on PDF these days. After releasing the last application related to PDF, I’m ready to introduce another. In fact, I submitted a new Mac software title to Mac App Store several hours ago. This new release is called PDF2Pictures.

PDF2Pictures lets you convert selected or all pages of a PDF document into pictures. Using PDF2Pictures is quite simple. Just drag and drop a PDF file onto the drop box to the left. Then select a page or multiple pages over the page list below. You can click on the Export All Pages toolbar button to just save all pages as pictures or click on the Export Page or the Export Pages toolbar button, depending on how many pages you’ve selected in the list.   Continue reading

What’s Coming Up Next? – MacHouse Introducing PDFLockAll for Mac OS X

Mac OS X software PDFLockAll

TOKYO (MacHouse) – Yes, it’s been almost a month since I introduced my last software title. That’s mostly because I’ve run out of ideas. Good news is that I finally submitted a new software title to Mac App Store some 12 hours ago. This new Mac application is called PDFLockAll.

PDFLockAll is a desktop application that lets you password-protect (or unprotect) multiple PDF documents at a time.  Imagine that you have a few dozen PDF documents to password-protect.  Would you protect those documents one by one or use PDFLockAll to protect them all at a time?  PDFLockAll works in a way such that the same password will be used to protect multiple PDF documents.  You don’t have to worry about original PDF files being overwritten.  Since PDFLockAll will create new password-protected PDF files after you select an export path, original files will remain intact.

Whether you use Preview or Adobe Reader to open a password-protected PDF document that has been created with this application, you won’t get to view the content until you enter the right password. Is it still protected on a PC? The answer is yes. If you try to view a locked document that you’ve created with this application on a PC, the content is still password-protected.   Continue reading