What’s Coming Up Next? – MacHouse Introducing Pazico for Mac OS X

Mac software Pazico

TOKYO (MacHouse) – Almost three weeks have passed since we introduced our last software title. What have we been up to lately? Well, we are going back to iOS. Wait… Before we do, let us release one more desktop application. The one that we submitted to Mac App Store several hours ago is called Pazico.

Mac software Pazico   Mac software Pazico
Available at Mac App Store
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When you develop a 2D game, it’s likely that it will involve one or more sprite images. One way of shaping a complex game character is to construct a polygon connecting vertices with NSBezierPath (or UIBezierPath for iOS), which is not a simple task. That’s where you will find Pazico useful. When you select and open a sprite image, Pazico will generate a black-and-white imagine over which it will create as many clickable squares as the number of available pixels. By clicking on these squares, you can tell Pazico where you want to set points for constructing a polygon that resembles the non-transparent area of the sprite image. The user has options of generating bezier path code for Mac OS X or iOS. And they can also select one of nine anchor point positions. Furthermore, the beauty of using Pazico is that the order by which you select vertices is not important. So the application will automatically rearrange vertices you select so that your Objective-C code can be generated and you can reconstruct the sprite polygon within your SKScene object.   Continue reading

What’s Coming Up Next? – MacHouse Introducing GoRandom for Mac OS X

Mac software GoRandom

TOKYO (MacHouse) – We’ve run out of development ideas as far as the OS X platform is concerned. So we are likely to switch to iOS soon. Wait… We actually submitted a new software title to Mac App Store just about half an ago. This new software submission is called GoRandom.

Mac software GoRandom   Mac software GoRandom

GoRandom is a status menu application that lets you generate random passwords consisting of alphabetic letters, numbers and special characters. All you have to do is choose Make Password from its status menu. And you’ll get a random pasword in your clipboard.   Continue reading