What’s Coming Up Next? – MacHouse Introducing Logos123 for Mac OS X

Mac software Logos123

TOKYO (MacHouse) – So my 2-year old 3.1 GHz iMac broke last week, which didn’t stop me from introducing to the Mac community Buttons123 as I now have a new iMac. In fact, MacHouse is ready to introduce you another Mac software title. We submitted Logos123 to Mac App Store about 8 hours go. Furthermore, released at the same time is Logos123 Lite is the freeware version of the former.

Mac software Logos123   Mac software Logos123

Logos123 is a Mac desktop application that lets you create 2D logos quickly and easily. The initial release is equipped with 64 shaders. These shaders convert styled text into a beautiful 2D logo. Some fonts don’t work quite right when you design a logo. So what you can do is add important fonts to the favorite font list so that you can access them easily. After finishing designing a logo, you can save one as JPEG, PNG or TIFF image. You don’t have to worry about losing logo properties after quitting the application. You can save logo properties as a project file. So you can reconstruct your logo by just double-clicking on a project file.   Continue reading

What’s Coming Up Next? – MacHouse Introducing Buttons123 for Mac OS X

Mac software Buttons123

TOKYO (MacHouse) – What a nightmare week! The main iMac computer we’ve been using is broken. He just had his 2nd birthday some 10 days ago. So we’ve been forced to buy a new one. The repair cost for the broken one is about US$450, Apple, Inc. says. Additionally, we’ve been trying to submit a new application to Mac App Store. Yet, iTunes Connect has been having network problems half a day long. Anyway, the first software title of the month we have is called Buttons123.

Mac software Buttons123   Mac software Buttons123

Buttons123 is a Mac desktop application that lets you create web button images with rounded corners in a matter of probably not a few seconds like 1-2-3 but maybe in several seconds. You can cast shadow inside and outside of the button. You can of course insert a text title (only one title) to the button with the font and text color of your selection. More interestingly, you can save button properties. So select a button to load in the scroll view window at the bottom and click on the Load tool button to reconstruct a web button.   Continue reading