What’s Coming Up Next? – MacHouse Introducing Bdays for Mac OS X

Mac software Bdays

TOKYO (MacHouse) – Last month, we released five Mac software titles. So far, we have none this month. Actually… We have one desktop application that made it to Apple‘s Mac App Store a few hours ago. This software release is called Bdays.

Mac software Bdays   Mac software Bdays

Bdays is a desktop application that lets you manage a number of birthdays comprehensively. You can let Bdays scan a picture and clip out usable faces, which will be used as the faces of personal profiles. Use Bdays to easily find out how old the selected person is and in how many days the birthday of the selected person arrives. Also, let Bdays figure out who is having a birthday within X days where you specify X between 1 and 100.   Continue reading