What’s Coming Up Next? – MacHouse Introducing MailYou for iPad

iOS software iPad MailYou

TOKYO (MacHouse) – We hate winters. Hopefully, this harsh winter won’t last till the end of the month. Anyway, today, we have released two iPad applications. One is a freeware version of the other. These new software releases are MailYou and MailYou Lite.

iOS software iPad MailYou   iOS software iPad MailYou

We all know that tablet devices are very useful. When it comes to composing a mail message, though, you don’t really want to use an iPad to send a long message. But if you have to… And especially if you have to write the same, long message over and over… MailYou can be your friend.

MailYou is a mail application that lets you create mail component templates and then compose messages. Let the application extract e-mail address records from Contacts. Create e-mail address groups so that you can send the same message to multiple recipients at a time. Create message templates so that you can just select one from a list instead of writing a long message that you might have to later repeat. Insert tags to a message template so that MailYou can replace them with real values (first name, last name, full name, recipient’s address) for the selected individual e-mail recipient address. Let MailYou access the Photos shared library so that you can pick a picture as an attachment. Set a scale rate so that the selected photo will fit the mail window.   Continue reading