Mac App Store Threatens to Take Down Our iTunes Connect Account

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TOKYO (MacHouse) – More than 24 hours ago, Apple‘s Mac App Store rejected our software update for OrganizeX, an application for organizing and maintaining different kinds of accounts, by saying the following.

The app includes an Apple trademarked image. This does not comply with the Guidelines for Using Apple’s Trademarks and Copyrights.

I immediately installed the software package (v. 2.3.4) myself that I uploaded to iTunes Connect (software submission web site) earlier and confirmed that their claim was wrong. Then I subsequently gave Screenshot 1 to them. What’s wrong with the Home icon in the screenshot? We have no wild clue. They’ve made a similar accusation before with v. 2.2.1. In order to facilitate the review process for the sake of existing application users, we were forced to change the toolbar icon in question. And in fact they already approved OrganizeX 2.2.1 with the icon shown in Screenshot 1.

Software OrganizeX
Screenshot 1

After I gave them Screenshot 1, things are actually worse. They now threaten to take down our iTunes account by saying the following.

You may want to take a look at your screenshots for the use of the Home icon.

We would be happy to remove your applications and account, and remove your apps from sale on the App Store if that is your desire. Please let us know.

Software OrganizeX
Screenshot 2

If we don’t like Mac App Store, that’s because most of their rejection claims are baseless. And they keep going and going like Energizer Bunny. In this case, if you compare the toolbar icon in question with one from the System (See Screenshot 2.), it’s quite obvious that this reviewer has misunderstood the whole thing by listening to his or her imaginary friend. Hopefully, they’ll compare these two pictures and make a wise decision before taking down our iTunes account.

Nope. We have no intension of changing the toolbar icon in question. This case is a lot simpler than that. Some of Mac App Store are silly and often jump up to a conclusion. We are done with Mac App Store and the Mac platform any way.

iLife ’12 Coming Soon?


TOKYO (MacHouse) – It’s not really a tradition yet since Mac App Store has been around for 9 months. But Apple, Inc. puts a hold on third-party software products and allocates a great deal of their resources to reviewing their own product if it’s a big one. That’s what happened last spring before they introduced

Mac OS X Lion. Indeed, they put a hold on some 20 software submissions from us. And they are doing it again. That’s certainly a sign that they are currently working on a big project. What is it? Our wild guess is iLife ’12. The last version of iLife was introduced on October 20, 2010. Other candidates are Logic Studio (None of its components except Compressor is yet available at Mac App Store.) and Final Cut Studio.