What’s Going on with Psystar Now?

Psystar Coporation

TOKYO (MacHouse) – Some 2 years ago, the name of Psystar Corporation, a computer retailer & manufacturer from Florida, USA, came out of nowhere and caught the attention of Mac users and the media over the Internet. Psystar sold computers, which they called Open Computers, with Mac OS pre-installed. Their idea was that users should be allowed to install any OS on any computer. But Apple, Inc. prohibits others from installing Mac OS on computers that are not manufactured by the company. Apple sued Psystar in July, 2008. And Psystar countered-sued Apple. One of the Psystar’s claims was that Apple engaged in tying contract, introducing part of federal anti-trust law, Clayton Antitrust Act, to the case. Nonetheless, the court ruled in November, 2009 that Psystar had violated Digital Millennium Copyright Act and then that the company violated Apple’s copyrights.

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Briefly: Apple Introducing New Mac mini


TOKYO (MacHouse) – As of June 15, Apple, Inc. introduced a new Mac mini model. This new model appears to be characterized by a better-performing graphics processor. It is equipped with NVIDIA GeForce 320M. The company says that this mode is capable of supporting up to 1,920 x 1,200 resolution through HDMI port. Another interesting aspect is its SD card slot. The latest line of iMacs was the first to adopt an SD card slot. It can be quite useful for those who has an extra SD card and want to use it as a scratch storage space.

Well, we are hoping that Apple will soon introduce a new iMac model, too.

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MacHouse Releasing LittleCal

Mac software LittleCal

TOKYO (MacHouse) – Available now in celebration of the survival of Big XII Conference is a new Mac software title called LittleCal. It’s currently distributed as a freeware title. LittleCal is a simple application that allows the user to schedule events quickly and easily. And of course… Be reminded of those scheduled events automatically ahead of time.   Continue reading

What’s Coming Up Next? – MacHouse Releasing QuickMarQ

Mac software QuickMarQ

TOKYO (MacHouse) – Watermarking picture files may be a simple task nowadays. But watermarking movie files isn’t that simple. Nonetheless, if you spend more than 10 seconds watermarking a dozen movie files with the same label, perhaps, you should look for an alternative.

Mac software QuickMarQ   Mac software QuickMarQ

QuickMarQ is one of those Mac software titles you can use if you don’t want to waste your valuable time watermarking movie files. QuickMarQ works with Apple’s QuickTime Player side by side to make a tedious task very simple. QuickMarQ allows the user to create any number of watermark presets. Whether you have one or 100 movies to watermark, just apply one of these presets to them.

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QuickMarQ is a product of MacHouse.
QuickTime Player is a product of Apple, Inc.

What’s Coming Up Next? – MacHouse to Introduce 3rdDefense

Mac software 3rdDefense

TOKYO (MacHouse) – These days, Apple ships all Macs with a built-in iSight. But what can we do with it besides using it with iChat? How about recording surveillance movies through iSight?

3rdDefense is a new Mac software title we are officially about to release. 3rdDefense will let you record surveillance movies automatically and have them forwarded to you by e-mail. Who knows who is using your Mac while you are away?

Mac software 3rdDefense   Mac software 3rdDefense

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3rdDefense is a product of MacHouse.