What’s Coming Next…

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Little Disc+ still has plenty of improvements to have. A next update, which we intend to release in a day or two, is likely to support Alcohol 120%‘s disc images. Little Disc+ 2.0.5 will have a new feature by which users can also alter the pass phrase of an existing DMG disc image.

We also plan to polish A-Cownts, an account management freeware title that is available for both Mac and Windows OS. This is the first software program we have ever built. In fact, it’s our favorite. Yes, we use it on the daily basis. We intend to release an advanced version of A-Cownts where one can create 20 or 50 categories under which they can store accounts. This version will be designed so that label names such as Untitled 1, Untitled 2, …, Untitled 5 can be customized. Also, somebody has requested at MacUpdate that the audio gain be lowered. So we will see in this version what we can do with that.   Continue reading

Apple Releasing Mac OS X 10.5.8 and Security Update 2009-003


TOKYO (MacHouse) – Apple, Inc. has released an OS update for OS X 10.5 Leopard along with a security update. The security update is released for both PowerPC and Intel versions of OS X 10.4 Tiger and 10.5 Leopard. The software company has updated such OS components as bzip2 (archive compression algorithm), ColorSync, Dock, Image RAW, Kernel, MobileMe, Networking.

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Little Disc+ Updated to 2.0.2

MacHouse freeware Little Disc

TOKYO (MacHouse) – MacHouse has updated its latest software release to 2.0.2. Little Disc+ utilizes more than several command-line tools to allow users to convert (BIN, DAA, DMG, GBI, IMG, ISO, TOAST, UIF), make (CDR, DMG, IMG, ISO), split (DMG) disc images. Little Disc+ can also read (listing the content) and decompress file archives (.7z, .tar, .rar, .zip, bz2, …). Or use Little Disc+ to compress folders into file archives (.7z, .gz, .zip, .bzip, .tar) with or without encryption.   Continue reading

A New Application to Come…

Mac MacHouse

TOKYO (MacHouse) – MacHouse is happy to announce that a new application the company has been developing for the past two weeks or so has entered a final phase. After being tested fully again, this new shareware title should be released in a few days. What is it? What’s about? You will know when the time comes.