Video Tutorial for Mac & Windows: Protecting Screenshots with QuickTime Pro (1)


Some website owners want to protect their screenshots. One way of stopping Internet users from dragging and dropping screenshots onto their hard drives is to hide the true locations of the screenshots. They often use Flash (.FLV and .SWF) to separate self-contained (encapsulated) content from reference files.

Another way of preventing Internet users from dragging and dropping screenshots onto their hard disks is to use QuickTime Pro. A major advantage of using QuickTime Pro over Adobe Flash is the cost. All you need is a QuickTime Pro upgrade, which costs only $29.99 for both Mac and Windows users. That’ll be a lot cheaper than purchasing Adobe Flash.


QuickTime video tutorial   QuickTime video tutorial   QuickTime video tutorial

In the meantime, it is not 100% possible for website owners to completely prevent Internet users from downloading screenshots as long as they are viewable with the web browser. They could simply take a desktop screenshot as a last resort, anyway.

In this 2-part video tutorial series, you will learn how to use QuickTime Pro to prevent Internet users from downloading original screenshots. All you need is a Pro (registration code) upgrade to your existing QuickTime copy. We also use Adobe Dreamweaver to edit HTML documents and Fireworks to edit graphic images. But you can use any HTML and graphic editors your choice.

We first use QuickTime Pro to encapsulate screenshots. We then use Fireworks to edit original graphic files and make them thumbnail images.  Continue reading

Mac Software Review: Dragoman 1.1

Dare to be Creative Dragoman Mac shareware
Mac software review

Whenever we prepare a software review, we convert two dozen PNG files or more into JPEG all at a time. We find Adobe Fireworks’ Batch Process useful for that end. Adobe Fireworks CS3 is not cheap. If you have to convert a large group of graphic files regularly and frequently, you may want to try out a relatively new Mac shareware title called Dragoman. It’s developed by an Austrian software company called Dare to be Creative. Dragoman comes with a 10-day free tryout period.

Dragoman is more versatile than Adobe Fireworks to some extent. Dragoman supports not just graphic formats but also audio formats (AIFF, WAV…) and archive formats (DMG, ZIP…). So let’s see what Dragoman is designed to do.  Continue reading

Popular Mac Website Falls Victim to Pharmacy Spam with Fake User Profiles

anti spam

TOKYO (MacHouse) – A somewhat popular Mac website is under spam attack. A forum website called Hackintosh is hosted at the domain of (See Screenshot 01.) According to Alexa’s Traffic Details, this website has 10 times more traffic than does ours ( spam
Screenshot 01 – Source: spam
Screenshot 02 – Source: MacHouse spam
Screenshot 03 – Source:

An organized cyber scum group has been circulating spam comments for the past several hours to advertise fake profiles created at Hackintosh’s forum website. (See Screenshot 02.) So far, the only sponsor behind this spam operation is a fake online pharmacy store hosted at with the infamous label of Canadian Pharmacy.

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Mac Software Review: CleanApp 3 (beta)

Synium Software Cleanup Mac shareware
Mac software review

For Mac, not many software developers include an uninstaller program in their software package. Rare ones are Symantec and Microsoft. For example, Norton AntiVirus for Mac v.11 comes with an uninstaller program called Symantec Uninstaller. Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac also comes with an installer program called Remove Office.

When Austin Sarner and Brian Ball introduced AppZapper to the Mac community several years ago, it turned out to be a hit. The idea was so simple. It’s just that other software developers didn’t do it successfully before.

Now, we have at least one more choice for removing unwanted applications. A German software developer called Synium Software has an affordable solution to removing software titles. The latest version, CleanApp 3, is still in beta. According to the software developer, this version is Leopard-compatible. CleanApp 2.4.1 is not.  Continue reading

Mac Software Review: ImageWell 3.5

Mac shareware Xtralean ImageWell
Mac software review

ImageWell is an affordable image editor from Xtralean Software. It only costs CAD19.95. That’s about US$19.50 or 12.62€. Application size is only 2.3 MB. Compare it with Adobe Fireworks CS3, whose application is 308.8 MB in file size. Yet, despite its price and size, ImageWell is quite versatile. Some of the useful features are framing and watermarking images and adding comment shapes and non-linear arrows. So let’s see what we can do with it.  Continue reading