Final Cut Pro: Recognizing a Problem – Importing Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation Movies to Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro PowerPoint presentation movies

We know that we can make beautiful presentation slide works with Microsoft PowerPoint. But we don’t often get to use it. Probably, once or twice a year at most… In fact, you can export your PowerPoint presentation projects in QuickTime. But how do you use these presentation QuickTime movies with Final Cut Pro?

For example, we created a simple presentation project with Microsoft PowerPoint 2008. (See Screenshot 01.) If I want to produce a QuickTime movie out of it, I’ll just have to choose ‘Save as Movie…’ under File. (See Screenshot 02.) Then I decide on Movie dimensions. You can keep the default resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. Or change it to whatever you want , as shown in Screenshot 03, after selecting Custom. Preferably, you want the screen ratio to be 4 to 3 though not necessary. Continue reading

Apple Introducing a New Line of iMac Models


TOKYO (MacHouse) – Rumors were true! Apple, Inc. has introduced a new line of iMac models, 2 with 20-inch display and 2 with 24-inch display. The cheapest model, which costs $1,199, is equipped with 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duoe and ATI Radeon HD 2400 XT 128 MB Video RAM. The highest-end mode is priced at $2,199 and equipped with 3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo and NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GS 512MB Video RAM. All models come with a 8x double-layer SuperDrive.

Apple iMac
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Software Review: Norton AntiVirus X 11.0

Norton AntiVirus 11 for Mac
Mac software review

There are several anti-virus software titles from respectful developers for Mac. One is VirusBarrier from Intego. Another one is Sophos Anti-Virus. If you are in college, you may get free antivirus software called Virex after paying a connectivity fee. It used to be called Dr. Solomon’s Virex. It’s been acquired by McAfee. It’s now often called Virus Scan. And, of course, Norton AntiVirus from Symantec Corporation is another well-known anti-virus software for Mac.

Personally, I’ve been using Norton AntiVirus since the version was 3 or 4. I was never infected by a computer virus in the 90s or not even till several months ago. It’s true that Mac users are still a minority group. It’s far rarer for them to get their terminals infected by computer viruses. But the number of incidents targeting Mac users have increased dramatically for the past one year or so partly due to the web hosting company in Russia helping criminals. One such criminal organization hosted by the web hosting company called Russian Business Network is MalwareScan. One tactic that they use is to embed an ill code in a Flash ad to make Internet users secretly or not secretly download a piece of malicious software called Downloader, Zlob or whatever. Continue reading

What’s Coming Next…

Mac MacHouse

We are currently working on a digital-download version of video tutorial suits for Boris RED 4 and Adobe After Effects CS3. The digital-download tutorial series for Boris RED 4 contains 10 video. And the series for Adobe After Effects CS3 should contain 13 to 14 video tutorials. These downloadable versions will be available in 2 weeks or so.

Video Tutorial: Intermediate Boris RED 4 Video Tutorial 06

Boris RED 4.1

Intermediate Boris RED 4 Video Tutorial 06 – Light 2

This video tutorial series is designed for those who have some experience in video editing/making with applications including Adobe After Effects, Apple Final Cut Pro and Motion. For we don’t explain everything that you need to know to get you started with Boris RED 4.

The main objective of this video tutorial series to train you so that you can ultimately create a video clip like the one shown in a previous post. Of course, it’s not very difficult to make it with Boris RED. On the other hand, Boris RED is more difficult to use than Adobe After Effects and Apple Motion.

In this tutorial, we will continue to set keyframes on other parameters. Finally, we will go over export settings to produce a QuickTime with Animation as a video compressor. Continue reading