Adobe After Effects CS3 Updated to 8.0.2

Adobe After Effects 8

Adobe Systems Incorporated has released a new update for its popular 2D & 3D animation software. According to the company, the Mac version of After Effects CS3 Professional 8.0.2 update “provides Panasonic P2 format support, Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard compatibility fixes, Mac OpenGL support for supported video cards under Mac OS X v10.4.10 and v10.5, and other important fixes.” For the Windows version, the company says 8.0.2 update “provides Panasonic P2 format support and other important fixes.”

Click on the button for more information on the Mac version of After Effects CS3 8.0.2. VTC
Click on the button for more information on the Windows version of After Effects CS3 8.0.2. VTC

Spam Terrorist Group Launching Spam Ad Campaign Against Mac-Related Websites Exploited for Pharmacy Spam

anti spam

TOKYO (MacHouse) – We identified the first set of spam ads that were intended to direct Internet users to Mac-related websites in January 17. These spam ads indicated that two Mac-related websites, those of MacRumors ( and The Omni Group (, were exploited for pharmacy spam. Today, a group of spam terrorists using various IP addresses including,, and circulated at least 10 spam comments in 10 hours to advertise spam posts appearing at and (See Screenshot 01-2) This large-scale spam ad circulation campaign started at 04:48 AM (US PST), January 23. Continue reading

QuickTime 7.4 Fiasco?


TOKYO (MacHouse) – Soon after Apple opened Macworld 2008 in San Francisco last week, the company released iTunes 7.6 and QuickTime 7.4. Then Apple’s Discussion board was flooded with complaints that QuickTime 7.4 doesn’t play MP4-formatted videos. (See Screenshot 01-2.) Honestly, we were interested in investigating the issue till today. We simply believed it because so many people reported the problem. And we decided to investigate this claim only because one of the QuickTime plug-ins stopped working. Continue reading

Mac Software Review: VisualRoute 2008

VisualRoute 2008 Business Apple Network Utilites
Mac software review

VisualRoute, have you heard of it? The version is already 12. But, honestly, I never heard of it until a few days ago. As the name suggests, it’s a tool that you can use to track Internet traffic routes visually. Like Apple‘s default network application Network Utilities? Yes. If you often use Network Utilities, you probably know some of its weaknesses. No.1, you can’t tell where each node is located. No.2, you have to switch tabs to run different searches. In these aspects, VisualRoute is more visual-friendly and time-saving. In other words, those who use Apple’s Network Utilities are most likely to see the power of VisualRoute. Continue reading

Final Cut Pro 6 Basics Video Tutorial 07

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro 6 Basics Video Tutorial 06 Sample: Crystal Blocking Parts of Image

Nowadays, we spend quite a lot of time investigating cyber crime scenes and making documentation videos. And we are often forced edit scenes containing pornographic images. Editing still images with sexually oriented content isn’t so hard. And we use Adobe Photoshop. For example, Screenshot 01 is an example of an edited image from a fake PornTube website where one is forced to download malware software.

So which filter can we use to edit moving images with Final Cut Pro? If you have seen some of basic video tutorials we have here, you should have no problem blocking some parts of video, right? In this 5-minute video tutorial, we show how to block multiple areas of video.

Keywords: Video Filters, Matte, Mask Shape, Invert, Stylize, Crystalize, Speed, Feathering Continue reading