Mac Software Review: Art Text 1.2.4 Standard Edition

Art Text 1.2.4 Mac
Mac software review

Creating a graphic style can take some time. So it might be better if you just use style-making software. There are many Mac shareware titles for making graphic styles. We have tried several of them in the past. We have reviewed eClick from Kinetic Creations before for our Japanese viewers. We also have reviewed Aquatint from Stick Software. If you have Adobe Photoshop, you probably know that this software comes with many shapes and styles. First, you select Custom Shape Tool from Tools. Then choose a shape. (See Screenshot 01.) Finally, choose a style from Styles and apply it to the shape of your choice. (See Screenshot 02.) That’s also exactly how Art Text from BeLight Software works. The price for the Standard edition of Art Text is US$39.95. And the application is available in Universal Binaries. Continue reading

Boris RED Updated to 4.2

Boris RED 4.1

TOKYO (MacHouse) – Boris FX, the developer of Boris RED and video editor plug-ins for Apple and Adobe products and others says that its 2D/3D graphic effects software Boris RED 4 has been updated to 4.2 with free upgrade. According to the company, the Mac version of Boris RED 4.2 is compatible with the latest OS version, Mac OS X Leopard (10.5). The Windows version of Boris RED 4.2 is compatible with Windows Vista. Furthermore, Boris RED 4. They also say that Boris RED 4.2 adds support for “Adobe CS 3.0 host integration with full validation for the Intel-Mac versions of After Effects and Premiere Pro and After Effects for Windows Vista.”

Mac Game Review: Chocolatier

Chocolatier Mac

Oh, boy… I was going to quit playing small games from GameHouse/Big Fish Games. But I decided to try out another one as I was bored.

Chocolatier is a real-time strategy game. Unlike Blizzard’s Warcraft series or Ensemble Studio/Microsoft’s Age of Empires series, there is no battle involved in this game. The objective of this game is to restore family honor of Evangeline Baumeister of San Francisco. She hires you to find chocolate recipes. She doesn’t always tell you what to do. Rather, somebody else asks you to produce a specific chocolate. If you do a favor, then you may get a recipe for another chocolate. Continue reading