Adobe InDesign CS2 Updated to 4.0.5

Adobe InDesign CS2 4.0.5

Adobe Systems has released an updater that upgrades its desk publishing application Adobe InDesign CS2 to 4.0.5. Adobe InDesign CS2 is still only for PowerPC-based Macs. According to the company, this

“update for Adobe® InDesign® CS2 software is a CS3 compatibility update, containing fixes that address known issues with CS3 to CS2 Export to INX (Save Back) workflows.”

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Cybercriminals That Use .eu Domains Registering Through

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Cybercriminal groups nowadays often use .eu country code top-level domains. If you are not familiar with it, that shouldn’t be a surprise. .eu is a relatively new country code that took effect in December, 2005. If you are using Mac OS 10.4, note that Network Utility doesn’t let you look up .eu domains. The “who is” authority of .eu domains is EURid, and you can look up .eu domains with an Internet browser. Continue reading

More “” Scam

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An organized cybercriminal group earns commissions by illegally embedding webpages in other websites to send people to porn websites and online drug store websites. The same criminal group has installed webpages at State University of New York at Plattsburgh and Monmouth College. And more webpages involving an online drug store can be found at and This cybercriminal activity all points to and a Canadian online drug store called Canadian Meds World, which is owned by Canadian Pharmacy. Continue reading