ZINK Imaging: No More Ink Cartridges

ZINK Imaging, a Boston-based company which was found in October 2005, says that they have invented and patented a new technology. This new technology, according to ZINK Imaging, allows them to produce printers that require no ink cartridges for color printing. The technology uses a specially-coated kind of paper which contains dye crystals. These dye crystals will be activated and colorized by heat from the printer.

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Websense: Phishing Alert for Members of The Southern Federal Credit Union

anti spam

Websense Security Labs has released an online security report involving members of the Southern Federal Credit Union. The Southern Federal Credit Union is located in Newnan, Georgia, USA. According to Websense, members of this credit union may receive a now-usual e-mail message that urges them to confirm their online accounts.

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Adobe After Effects – Simple Creativity #20

Adobe After Effects tutorial

Adobe After Effects – Simple Creativity #20: Waterfall

My wife was tired of intensive human interaction at the company where she worked and had to live back in nature. She had to lie down on a bed of flowers, breathing fresh air, singing with birds… So I decided to take her to Yosemite National Park. She was very excited and especially wanted to see a waterfall. After several hours of long walking, we reached a point where we were supposed to have a good view of a waterfall. But… Oh, no… There was no waterfall there. Then I saw a look of despair on her face. I didn’t want to lose her. I had to do something very quickly. Ahh, yeah. I brought my portable Mac with me. All I needed to do was to create a waterfall with Adobe After Effects. Continue reading