Adobe Illustrator Basics for Dummies #1

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator Basics for Dummies #1: Vector Drawing

The first video tutorial of the ‘Adobe Illustrator Basics for Dummies’ series deals with vector drawing. The vector drawing function is the core of Adobe Illustrator. This concentration makes Illustrator distinguishable from Photoshop, which mostly specializes itself in bitmap drawing. Continue reading

Reading Video Files with DivX6 (Mac Only)


There is no doubt that DivX6 is one of the compressors that produce the best video quality. Apart from the long encoding time, the Mac version of DivX has a few serious problems. DivX comes with a standalone application, DivX Converter, which allows the user to read video files without QuickTime Pro. But DivX Converter doesn’t support all multimedia formats. For example, it doesn’t read VOB files. How about MPEG or AVI? Continue reading