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All the VTCs are currently unavailable. We are making small changes right now. They will be put back on around 5:00 AM (U.S. MDT).


The links for the following VTCs have been fixed.

  • How to use ffmpegX (0.0.9w) to compress video (Mac Only)
  • How to use Handbrake to rip DVDs (Mac Only, Members Only)
  • How to Create Fav Icons
  • Apple Making Update for Pro Applications


    Apple Computer has updated frameworks and share components for its pro applications such as “Final Cut Studio 5.1, Final Cut Pro 5.1, Motion 2.1, Soundtrack Pro 1.1, Apple Qmaster 2.1, Compressor 2.1, DVD Studio Pro 4.1, LiveType 2.1, Shake 4.1, and Final Cut Express HD 3.5.” Some of the updated QuickTime components include ‘HDVCodec,’ ‘Uncompressed 422,’ ‘IMXCodec.’ For more information, go to Pro Applications Update 2006-01.