What’s Coming Up Next? Tomato Software Introducing Angry Events for iOS

iOS Swift iPhone iPad Angry Events

TOKYO (Tom Bluewater) – What I look forward to in a few weeks is the cherry blossom, of course. They are quite pretty in the spring, you know? Anyway, I have just submitted to App Store is an iOS app called Angry Events. It’s an iOS app that lets you send event notifications to your device, whether or not the app is running. Create a single event reminder by tapping a calendar day button. Create a routine event that is to occur every day at the same time until you cancel it. Or tap the Multiple button to create a series of events that are to occur at the same time by picking one or more dates with a calendar date picker. Additionally, tap the Weekly button to create weekly events that are to occur on particular days of the week.   Continue reading

What’s Coming Up Next? Tom Bluewater Introducing CodeBlue 6 for macOS

Mac application CodeBlue 6

TOKYO (Tom Bluewater) – We are still in the middle of February, which I always thought is the coldest month of the year. Yet, it seems that a warmer Spring is almost at our doorstep.

After being absent for half a year, I’m ready to announce a new software release. It’s the latest version of CodeBlue. I have already submitted it to Mac App Store. Let’s hope it will be available on this weekend.

CodeBlue 6 is a desktop application that lets you manage and organize code snippets with ease. Create dozens of groups to organize thousands of code snippets. Rate each code snippet with 5 levels of importance by color. Run a content search to find specific lines of code within the same group or across all groups.

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What’s Coming Up Next? – Tom Bluewater Introducing Angry GIF for macOS

Mac application Angry GIF

TOKYO (Tom Bluewater) – It’s still scorching hot in my area. Yet, I somehow get by with a couple of broken AC units. Anyway, I’m ready to introduce a new desktop application, which is 100% developed in SwiftUI. This new software release is called Angry GIF.

Angry GIF is a desktop application that lets you create a GIF animation file (.gif) out of a movie file (.mov, mp4). So you select a movie file, configuring some options including the interval (interval over which to extract frames from the movie), the number of loops, the delay in seconds and the image size. when you are ready, just click on the Save to Disk button at the top-right corner. That’s it.

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What’s Coming Up Next? – Tom Bluewater Introducing Angry Notes 2 for iOS

iOS Swift iPhone iPad Angry Notes 2

TOKYO (Tom Bluewater) – Angry Notes 2 is an updated version of a free iOS app that I released just a week ago. This updated version lets you create groups just like Apple’s Notes. What this app can do that Notes can’t do is that you can set a color to the title of a text record. Also, you can protect personal data while you aren’t using the app..  Continue reading

What’s Coming Up Next? – Tom Bluewater Introducing AngryNotes for iOS

iOS Swift iPhone iPad AngryNotes

TOKYO (Tom Bluewater) – It’s hot! And I’m angry. I’m so angry that I’ve decided to create a new iOS app in SwiftUI. The app that I spent three days in developing is called AngryNotes. Well, I just submitted it to App Store a few minutes ago. So it won’t be available for another two or three days.

AngryNotes is a plain text viewer and editor for iOS users. I don’t quite like Apple’s Notes for iOS in some respects. Notes lets you read and write text at the same time. So you can end up losing one when in fact you intend to select and copy a word. And it’s RTF-based. So you can end up with a mixture of regular and bold text styles if you copy and paste text from some web site. And my list goes on and on.

So here comes AngryNotes. It lets you read and write notes but not on the same board. AngryNotes is a plain-text reader. And you won’t end up losing a word or more when you just want to select and copy some segment of text. AngryNotes supports the contextual menu. When you read notes with it, you can select different text sizes and fonts.  Continue reading