Boring Adobe After Effects Sample Series: Unidentified Non-Flying Objects (UnFO)

Adobe After Effects 8.0.1

Many years ago, my wife and I were both young and adventurous. Almost every weekend, we traveled around the world. We wanted to see our limits. We wanted to explore nature. We wanted to conquer the world in our way.

One August weekend, we went to the Canadian Rocky. We got lost so badly, and the sunset was nearing. I knew a couple of male wolves were after us, actually just after my wife. So we had to hurry and reach the nearest village. But my wife was so tired that she could not walk even a yard. She told me to go without her. Leave her there, and let the wolves eat her? No! No, no, no! But I deserted her because the wolves were only interested in my wife.

Adobe After Effects sample

I walked a quarter mile. When I looked behind, a strange, non-flying object came out of nowhere. I shouted “No!” and ran towards her. But my wife slowly approached it. That’s when she was abducted. I deserted her. And this is the price that I had to pay? Actually, she paid the price, not me. Anyway, I was wrong. I wanted her back. “Where is she!?” “Where are you!?” I called out her name 6 times. Ohh… 5 minutes after abduction, she came back. I asked her what happened. She said she made friends with a group of space aliens after giving them a bag of potato chips. Then she convinced them to teleport us to the near village. This is how her relationships with space aliens initially started.  Continue reading