Software Review: Norton AntiVirus X 11.0

Norton AntiVirus 11 for Mac
Mac software review

There are several anti-virus software titles from respectful developers for Mac. One is VirusBarrier from Intego. Another one is Sophos Anti-Virus. If you are in college, you may get free antivirus software called Virex after paying a connectivity fee. It used to be called Dr. Solomon’s Virex. It’s been acquired by McAfee. It’s now often called Virus Scan. And, of course, Norton AntiVirus from Symantec Corporation is another well-known anti-virus software for Mac.

Personally, I’ve been using Norton AntiVirus since the version was 3 or 4. I was never infected by a computer virus in the 90s or not even till several months ago. It’s true that Mac users are still a minority group. It’s far rarer for them to get their terminals infected by computer viruses. But the number of incidents targeting Mac users have increased dramatically for the past one year or so partly due to the web hosting company in Russia helping criminals. One such criminal organization hosted by the web hosting company called Russian Business Network is MalwareScan. One tactic that they use is to embed an ill code in a Flash ad to make Internet users secretly or not secretly download a piece of malicious software called Downloader, Zlob or whatever. Continue reading