What’s Coming Up Next? – Tom Bluewater Introducing ClockMonkey for iOS

iOS Swift iPhone iPad ClockMonkey

TOKYO (Tom Bluewater) – What a summer… Yes, it’s hot! Yes, I’m sweating. This scorching hot weather nearly kills me as two of my air conditioners are dead broken. Anyway, I submitted a new iPhone app several minutes ago. It’s called ClockMonkey.

ClockMonkey is a simple, boring iPhone app that I’ve developed so that I can used it at work. Actually, I also wanted to create something such that I can incorporate RxSwift/RxCocoa into the app. Don’t try ClockMonkey unless you want to waste some disk space on your phone.  Continue reading

What’s Coming Up Next? – Tom Bluewater Introducing RollerText 2 for iOS

iOS Swift iPhone iPad RollerText 2

TOKYO (Tom Bluewater) – We still have two more months till the cold winter season ends. And I’m just hanging on and looking forward to seeing beautiful cherry blossoms in spring. Well, it’s been about three years since I developed an iOS outside my career. The app that I just submitted to Apple‘s App Store is called RollerText 2.

RollerText 2 is an upgraded version of an iOS app that I developed more than nine years ago. It’s a virtual telemprompter that lets you roll text letter by letter. RollerText 2 also comes with a new feature that lets you highlight all occurrences of keywords you specify.   Continue reading

What’s Coming Up Next? – Tom Bluewater Introducing Organize Essential 4 for macOS

Mac application Organize Essential 4

TOKYO (Tom Bluewater) – It’s finally here. Yes, I’m talking about the cold winter season. Well, it’s not that bad in the region where I live since the temperature seldom goes below the freezing point.

Anyway, I have submitted another desktop application to Mac App Store. This new software release is called Organize Essential 4.

Organize Essential 4 is a desktop application that lets you store your personal data in an encrypted form. We deal with a lot of accounts in cyberspace these days. You don’t want to use the same password across all accounts. In fact, you don’t even want to use the same username and email address acroll all accounts, either. A negative side of using different usernames, passwords and email addresses is that you have to have an application like Organize Essential 4 that gives you quick access to accont data.

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What’s Coming Up Next? – Sr. Tomato Introducing TomatoAnimatedPieChart Framework for iOS

Swift free framework iOS

TOKYO (Tom Bluewater) – Before we enter November, I have to introduce another free Swift framework to you guys. This new framework is called TomatoAnimatedPieChart Framework.

TomatoAnimatedPieChart Framework lets you create a simple 2D pie chart. Each pie in the chart will increase its size in animation. The following is a list of features.

  1. Create a pie chart with colors of your selection.
  2. Adjust the animation speed.
  3. Show the name of each pie at the bottom.

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