Adobe After Effects Sample: Rotating Earth

Adobe After Effects 8.0.1

My wife has several friends from out of space. Last Friday, one of them brought a new group of aliens from a planet called %@!∆3≤Øß. (Sorry. I can’t spell it correctly in English.) Anyway, they were quite impressed with how beautiful our planet is. One of them said “How much?” Apparently, he was the chief delegate. He asked my wife some questions like the exact diameter of the earth, atmospheric components, distance from the sun. And he turned to one of his comrades and nodded. Then this guy started piling some sort of stones. My wife immediately responded by saying “Excuse us, but this planet is not for sale.” And this finance officer piled more stones and said “What, you want more?” My wife looked hopeless and out of hand. I had to do something quickly, or we would lose this planet. So I excused myself and went to the bathroom with my MacBook. Then I launched Adobe After Effects CS3. In a matter of 9 minutes or so, I created a QuickTime movie in which the earth rotates in front of the sun. Subsequently, I got out of the bathroom and showed this QuickTime movie to the aliens. And I said “You really want this? If you do, just take it.” Surprisingly, the aliens looked content with the QuickTime movie and gave us all the stones they had. Next day, they went back to their planet. Afterwards, my wife and I had a serious discussion. Should we pay for sales taxes?

The following is just a simple, boring sample movie we created with Adobe After Effects CS3.

After Effects CS3 sample

Click on the button to watch the sample movie. VTC
Click on the button to download a project file (.zip, 9.4 MB). VTC

Adobe After Effects CS3 is a product of Adobe Systems Incorporated.

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