Adobe Photoshop Very Simple Tutorial: Gas in a Drink

Adobe Photoshop

Last night, my wife and I went back to the same restaurant where a man was complaining that his drink glass contained no ice. Actually, the same man was there again. This time, he complained that his drink glass contained no gas. A waitress explained that’s the way it is with wine. But the man wasn’t satisfied with her explanation. And he eventually made her cry. Then my wife whispered “Do you have your MacBook with you?” Oh, no, not again… Well, I went under a table and launched Adobe Photoshop CS2. In a matter of 5 minutes or so, I injected some gas into his drink.

The following tutorial shows steps to create a scene where a drink glass or water contains gas, using Adobe Photoshop CS2. The photo used in this tutorial comes from Webshots.

  1. Make a selection with Elliptical Marquee Tool and Quick Mask.
  2. While the selection is active, fill it with sheer black. Then add noise by choosing Noise > Noise under Filter.
  3. You need to smudge black and white colors in the selection. Apply Blur > Lens Blur. And you may want to add some Gaussian Blur as well.
  4. The last filter to apply is Sketch > Bas Relief.
  5. What you got in the selection is gray tones. Now, you need to switch the blend mode to Luminosity to apply only gradation to the underlying drink image.
  6. Finally, you may want to lower opacity a little bit. And it will be your choice whether you apply a mask and then black-and-white gradation.

Adobe Photoshop tutorial Adobe Photoshop tutorial Adobe Photoshop tutorial
Adobe Photoshop tutorial Adobe Photoshop tutorial Adobe Photoshop tutorial

Photoshop CS2 is a product of Adobe Systems Incorporated.

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