Adobe Photoshop Very Simple Tutorial: Rainbow

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I think it was around November. I was driving by myself towards Monterey, California. It was raining almost all day. It stopped raining around 3 o’clock. And what I saw was a beautiful rainbow.

The following tutorial shows steps to create a rainbow. The photo used in this tutorial comes from PD Photo.

  1. After making a blank layer, use Rectangular Marquee Tool to create a horizontally long selection. Then apply about 15 pixels of Feather.
  2. Press G and select Linear Gradient. Then open Gradient Editor and choose Transparent Rainbow. Apply it vertically over the selection from top to bottom.
  3. While the selection is active, press Command + T for Free Transform. Then choose Transform > Warp under Edit. Using Warp, you can distort the rainbow selection into an arch shape.
  4. Next, we want to make the rainbow look like gradually diminishing to the right. Using the Layers Palette, add Layer Mask. We use Gradient again. Click on the layer mask and press G. This time, we use Radial Gradient. And draw the gradient line horizontally.
  5. Finally, you need to use Brush Tool to erase rainbow over trees. And we can’t use Blend Mode to reduce light this time because we want to all the colors. So lower opacity, instead, under the Layers Palette.

Adobe Photoshop tutorial Adobe Photoshop tutorial Adobe Photoshop tutorial
Adobe Photoshop tutorial Adobe Photoshop tutorial

Photoshop CS2 is a product of Adobe Systems Incorporated.

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