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Last weekend, my wife and I went to a restaurant. After staying there for about an hour or so, we were pretty much ready to leave. That’s when a sudden argument broke out at a few tables away. A guy was furious because there was no ice in his glass. A waitress said that they ran out of ice. And there was nothing she could do. Obviously, the guy was sweating quite a bit, which perhaps fueled his anger. My wife whispered “Honey, do something… You have your MacBook with you, don’t you.” My MacBook? Oh, yeah… So I went under our table and launched Adobe Photoshop CS2. Within several minutes, I created a few chunks of ice in his glass. “There you go!” I passed the glass to him. He had his cold drink without a breath and quickly left.

The following tutorial shows steps to create chunks of ice in a glass with Adobe Photoshop CS2. The photo used in this tutorial comes from Webshots.

  1. Make a selection with Rectangular Marquee Tool + Quick Mask.
  2. Fill the selection with sheer black. (#000000)
  3. While the selection is active, choose Filter > Noise > Add Noise. Add noise with Uniform Distribution.
  4. While the selection is active, choose Filter > Render > Fibers.
  5. While the selection is active, choose Filter > Distort > Glass.
  6. The selection must be filled with a lot of gray noise. Under Layers palette, change blend modes to Soft Light to eliminate extreme bright and dark pixels

Adobe Photoshop tutorial Adobe Photoshop tutorial

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