Adobe Illustrator Very Simple Tutorial: Designing a Beach Ball

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It was almost a year ago from today. I was tired of city life. I had to get away from it. I needed space from everything, from my wife, her dog, my colleagues and even from my Macs. I drove hours without a map. Then I arrived at a quiet beach in California. There were not many people. So I started spending my private time there.

The second day, I lay under the sun. Oh, gosh… I felt relieved of all responsibilities. It was about 3 o’clock in the afternoon. I heard a boy cry right next to me. I wanted to ignore what was going on and enjoy my private time. But there was no sign of boy’s stopping crying any time soon. It seems that he lost his beach ball. Boy’s mother had a MacBook. I asked her if she had Adobe Illustrator CS2. And she nodded while trying to calm her son down. I had to borrow her MacBook to end this horrible afternoon event. In a matter of 5 minutes or so, I created this beach ball. Thanks god, the boy stopped crying. And I could continue to spend my private time.

The following tutorial shows simple steps to design a colorful beach ball with Adobe Illustrator CS2.

  1. Using Elliptical Tool, draw 6 vertical rectangular bars with a horizontal bar at the top.
  2. Select them all. Then drag and drop them as one group into the Symbol Palette. You can now delete them.
  3. Create a circle with any fill color. Using Scissors Tool, cut it into halves vertically. Throw the left half away.
  4. While the remaining circle is selected, choose 3D > Revolve under Effect.
  5. Click on Map Art. And select the symbol that you imported earlier. Make sure to stretch the symbol fully.

Adobe Illustrator tutorial Adobe Illustrator tutorial Adobe Illustrator tutorial

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3 thoughts on “Adobe Illustrator Very Simple Tutorial: Designing a Beach Ball

  1. Hi,

    Great tutorial, I am currently trying to create a beach ball but whenever I follow all the steps, I am left with this big cylinder shaped result instead of it being a circle………..any ideas why this is occuring?

  2. Adobe Illustrator tutorial

    I think you haven’t selected a beach ball map when you proceed to turn a half-circle into a 3D ball with 3D Revolve. If you haven’t, click on Map Art and select a map that you’ve imported to the Symbol palette.

  3. What a silly and unnecessary story in the beginning that no one’s gonna believe.

    But the tutorial was cool.

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