What’s Coming Up Next? – Tom Bluewater Introducing TextAround 3 for Mac OS X

Mac application TextAround 3

TOKYO (MacHouse) – Yes, it’s a graphic design application again! I’m sick of making graphics applications. But I have to do what I have to do to buy bread. (No, I have plenty of rice to survive for the next 6 months or longer.) The new software title that I submitted to Mac App Store several minutes ago is called TextAround 3.

Desktop macOS application TextAround 3

Tom Bluewater
  Desktop macOS application TextAround 3

Tom Bluewater

And, yes, the TextAround series is still alive. It’s been built from a scratch in Swift. This series is almost four years old. What’s so special about TextAround 3 that TextAround2 users didn’t see? TextAround 3 lets you flip individual letters horizontally, vertically or horizontally and vertically. I have made so many changes such that the new version may be unrecognizable to those who have used TextAround2.  

What’s new?

  1. Flip individual letters horizontally, vertically or horizontally and vertically.
  2. Pick one of 144 gradient colors to apply to text. Or apply a solid color to text.
  3. The user can now choose a typeface after selecting a font family.
  4. Show or not show grid lines.
  5. The user can view styled text for different font families and typefaces.


  1. Create a linear or circular image out of a mere text string.
  2. Add font families that you frequently use to the favorite font list.
  3. View styled text with different font families and typefaces.
  4. Flip all letters at a time horizontally, vertically or horizontally and vertically. Flip letters individually.
  5. Apply a solid color or gradient colors to the text image. Pick one of 144 gradient color styles.
  6. Use color filters (hue, saturation, brightness, contrast) to adjust the look of the gradient color style you select.
  7. Select a font family as well as one of the typefaces that it offers when converting a string of text into an image.
  8. Change the radius of a circular text image.
  9. Set the starting point as a degree where the first letter of a text string appears.
  10. Cast or not cast a shadow around the text image.
  11. Save the text image over the canvas to your disk. The supported export formats are BMP, GIF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, PNG, TIFF.
  12. Save current progress as a document file. Resume progress off a saved document file you select.
  13. Set up the shared folder (destination folder) so that the application can send all files to it.
  14. Show or not show grid lines. Choose one of four line colors (red, yellow, green, blue).
  15. Select one of five background colors (white, light gray, gray, dark gray, black) for the canvas.
  16. Change the scale rate (200% to 5%).
  17. The fullScreen mode is supported.
  18. Languages: English only.
  19. Application file size: 24.0 MB.
  20. The application comes with a built-in 18-page user guide. Choose Show Quick Tour under TextAround 3 whenever you need to see it.

System requirements

  1. 10.11 (tested with 10.11.6), 10.12 (tested with 10.12.2 and 10.12.5), 10.13 (tested with 10.13 beta B. 17A362a)
  2. 64-bit system


  1. The user can flip individual letters horizontally, vertically or horizontally & vertically. If a text string contains letters with different heights, a shorter letter may be vertically aligned to the top. If they intend to upend one or more letters, the user should consider capitalizing all letters.
  2. TextAround 3 does not merely rotate individual letters in order to make the whole collection circular. Rather, it will create a linear image with the collection of letters, first. It will then make this linear image circular. If individual letters look distorted, the user should consider decreasing the font text size, increasing the circular radius.
  3. The user cannot include the line break in the collection of letters.

Version history

Nothing so far…

Trial/Demo version

There is no trial or demo version available at this moment.

Trial/Demo version

Click here to download a trial version. This trial version will remain fully functional for 7 days, starting from the very moment you first launch it. If you are running this trial version under macOS 10.12 Sierra, you need to quit the application right after the first launch to evade a Sierra bug.

TextAround 3 is a product of Tom Bluewater.
Apple and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Mac App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.

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