Learning Mac OS X with OnyX – Part 2


Mac OX X can be a lot more complicated than you realize. If you want to change system settings, you will probably open System Preferences, go to a specific preference pane and make changes. But Mac OS X comes with much more commands than we see under those system preference panes. And you may have to use Terminal to get what you are looking for if it’s not available in any of the system preference panes.

Mac users have always stayed away from command input interface just as in DOS and long supported Mac OS because of Graphical User Interface. So some users aren’t very happy in using Terminal. And that’s where OnyX comes in.

In this short video tutorial series, we use Titanium’s Software’s OnyX. The main goal is to explore more Mac OS X command and their options that aren’t available in System Preferences.

The second tutorial of the series covers most of the commands under Parameters РDock tab and Dashboard and Expos̩ tab.

OnyX tutorial OnyX tutorial

  • OS version: Tiger OS 10.4.9 (PPC)
  • VTC version: 1.0
  • Video length: 5 minutes 50 seconds
  • Video format: QuickTime
  • Video compression: H.264
  • Video resolution: 1080 x 675 pixels
  • Audio effects: Enabled
  • Audio commentary: Enabled

  • Mac video tutorials   Mac video tutorials

    Please read Terms of Use for Guests before watching any of the video tutorials.

    OnyX is a product of Titanium’s Software in France.

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