West Virginia University Institute of Technology, Student Government Association Website Exploited for Pharmacy Spam

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A number of websites run by educational institutions have been exploited by a large pharmacy group. The latest website exploited for pharmacy spam is that of West Virginia University Institute of Technology (hereafter, WVUIT), which is a regional campus of West Virginia University system and located in Montgomery, WV.

WVUIT’s Student Government Association has a website (http://www.wvutech.edu/sga/), and some of the pages under this subdirectory is used for pharmacy spam. As is usually the case with other websites exploited for pharmacy spam, there is a link on each page that leads visitors to a particular website (usefulresults.com). Spam websites like usefulresults.com finances comment spammers.

anti spam anti spam

Click on the button to watch the damage at West Virginia University Institute of Technology. VTC

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