What is Sobonito Investments Up to?

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Sobonito Investments (hereafter, Sobonito), which is incorporated in Limassol, Cyprus, runs a website at imlive.com. It’s not the content this website has that we complain about. But it’s the way they have attempted to obtain visitors to their website. Several days ago, an associate of Sobonito attempted to post comments with plenty of hyperlinks to hometown.aol.com free webpages, at which visitors would be redirected to imlive.com.

Well, Sobonito was sued by U.S. Federal Trade Commission back in 2005. And the company settled for use of “affiliates to advertise its Web sites and induce consumers to purchase the adult content,” according to FTC. But criminals never quit until they eventually end up in jail.

MacHouse encourages other WordPress blog webmasters to join the force to file a complaint with FTC against Sobonito. The complaint form is available at FTC’s website.

Click on the button to watch an old video showing the damage an associate of Sobonito attempted to cause. VTC

Reference: FTC File No. #032-3206 and Case No: 005C 580, pursuant to Federal Trade Commission versus Sobonito Investments Ltd.

Sobonito Investments Ltd: 1 Griva Digheni St., Stavros Pittas court. 4th floor, Limassol 3030, Cyprus
Sobonito Investments Ltd: 10800 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL 33161

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11 Responses to What is Sobonito Investments Up to?

  1. Complaint says:

    I did a search for this company online. FTC.gov and USCA northern District of Illinois both had web access available records. 02/01/2005 FTC complaint about spam. If you go to imlive.com and click on 2257 statement, you will get another address in cyprus. Also bbb.org has some experience with this company in 2003, after which phone was disconnected and mail to miami Fl address may have been returned. Aparently their web site is still active on May 15,2008

  2. Ahh, yeah. That means they are a group of criminals. Criminals never quit until the very moment they end up in jail. In the meantime, we haven’t seen spam comments involving this piece of scum for about a year.

  3. Jazzy says:

    I just recently received a check from this company and I don’t know how I got it and it was sent in my name. it had the same address and the company name I been trying to track the check on where it come from. I was just wondering where come from.

    Aug 21, 2008

  4. Sugabb says:

    I Recently was an internet Model on Imlive.com They sexualy Discriminate against guys. The male that work on Imlive do not have the same amout of oppertunity to make money as the Women on that site. 10 woman at a time can host a Happy Hour any time of day they want. Where as they guys can only host a happy hour at certan times of the day. Moreover only 1 guy at a time can host a happy hour. I have found this very unfair and complained and now I am Barred for Proforming on that site.

    Aditionaly they closed my video chat room down just because I had my cat on my lap and I was petting him. There was never any thing ilegal that I did but now I can not proform on the site and I am loosing money.

  5. Hmm… That probably means they are in the sex industry where female actors are said to make more money than male actors.

  6. nil says:

    I Get a check of $150 from Sobonito Investments LTD.

    No wthe problem is i don’t kno who they are and why they send me a check of $150.

    Can someone hre explain me why they sending check to everyone.

    Main thing they wrote, Enclosed is the cash out you requested from your account, plz accept check as we sending to you on behalf of Sobonito Investments Ltd.

    Now I don’t know do I have any account with them and i never ask to cashout anything, so what is this?

  7. N0V4ST4RR says:

    If you're receiving checks, they’re payments to the hosts, and most likely being sent to the wrong addresses. Have you moved recently? If not, it’s possible your neighbor is an imlive webcam host 😉

  8. N0V4ST4RR says:

    PSS Sugabb, it’s obvious why they would ban you for having a cat on your lap. If you’re hosting on that website, you’re doing it in the sex trade, and they absolutely do not want any animals on webcam with you when you’re doing your thing. It makes just as much sense as them banning other things, such as excements, and certain types of role play. Its your own fault for not reading the rules and regulations.

    Also there are way more female hosts than male hosts, so they have to let more females have a chance at happy hour. I’m sure it’s a ratio issue, and not a discrimination thing. Get over yourself. Nobody on this site cares about that.

  9. meh eh? says:

    Hello I just checked my IPFW log on my mac and noticed they pinged my comp. I did some searches and saw the the legal docs, and then found my way to this site, is illegal to ping ports on my comp? thanks in advance from Canada.

    [Partially edited by Administrator]

  10. J says:

    Hmm… they are a bunch of crooks.

  11. Tracy mckee says:

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