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BitTorrent… Many people must have heard of it by now. BitTorrent applications have been used to download movie and music files. It’s not illegal to use these applications. And there are many legal ways of using them. For instance, movie trailers and game demos are legally distributed through BitTorrent. Moreover, many old movies and music pieces that have entered the public domain are also freely distributed through BitTorrent.

The most popular BitTorrent program that is is available for the Mac platform is BitTorrent, which is developed by BitTorrent, Inc. It’s an open-source, free program. Other popular applications that handle the Bittorrent protocol are Azureus, Tomato Torrent and Transmission. The current version of BitTorrent is 4.4.1 and has not been in Universal Binary. On the other hand, Azureus, whose current version is 2.5 as of September 21, has been in Universal Binary.

  • BitTorrent … Stable; Unless ports are open, downloading speeds may be somewhat slow.
  • Azureus … Fast transfer speeds; Some modems and routers are incompatible with Azureus.
  • Tomato Torrent … Stable; Somewhat slow downloading speeds; Tomato Torrent can generate torrents
  • Transmission … The current version is in Universal Binary. When the disk space runs out, Transmission write data on existing files, making them useless. A bug causes Transmission to crash occasionally and make some of partially downloaded files undownloadable. Transmission does not generate torrents.

  • In this VTC, we use BitTorrent v.4.4.1 and show some of its basic functions.

  • VTC version: 1.0
  • Video length: 12 minutes 40 seconds
  • Video format: QuickTime
  • Video compression: H.264
  • Video resolution: 720 x 540 pixels
  • Audio commentary: Not available

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