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Mac OS X software OrganizeX Essential

TOKYO (MacHouse) – It’s been a while since we sent a software title to Mac App Store. The bug-infested new iTunes Connect system has made a lot of software developers unhappy including us. Anyway, we have managed to submit a new Mac software title to Mac App Store some 10 minutes ago. The new title is called OrganizeX Essential.

The road was tough and brutal just as in the weathers of Alaska. The day has finally come for those who still use OrganizeX to organize accounts. We are now switching to a Cocoa application that has been developed from a scratch with Objective-C. This new version comes with many new and improved features. Oh, yes… It allows the user to import account data from OrganizeX 2.

Mac OS X software OrganizeX Essential   Mac OS X software OrganizeX Essential

OrganizeX Essential is the third installment of a desktop application that lets you organize various types of accounts including bank accounts, e-mail accounts, web accounts. You can create any number of categories (groups) and accounts. Create a security account so that you can enable or disable 19 options, telling the application exactly which action requires a security login. Don’t give a simple 12345 password to each account. Or you can get one account hacked and lose them all during this casual hacking era. Use Dice to create and give a random username & password to each account.  

Available at Mac App Store
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  1. Create any number of categories (groups). Create any number of accounts.
  2. Characterize a category by choosing one of more than 150 icons.
  3. Move and delete multiple accounts at a time. Duplicate individual accounts, one at a time.
  4. Make attachments to individual accounts.
  5. Run a search, selecting an area from a drop-down menu. Available search areas are title, username, e-mail address, web site.
  6. Highlight the titles of important accounts. Select a highlight color in Preferences.
  7. Use Dice to generate random passwords or random usernames.
  8. Click on a copy button to copy the corresponding string value into the clipboard. Click on the mail button to create a Mail document with the corresponding e-mail address value.
  9. Create a mail list by letting the application harvest valid e-mail addresses from a text file.
  10. Import account data from OrganizeX 2.x.
  11. Export account data to XML. This type of XML files contains an array of accounts with a dozen keys. Anybody with basic Objective-C knowledge can import it to a different application.
  12. Save the entire data set as a recovery file to your disk. Recover data from a backup file of your selection. Share a backup data file with the mobile version (OrganizeX Mobile).
  13. Export all attachments to your disk.
  14. Create time-stamped backup data files in Preferences.
  15. Schedule an automatic data backup in Preferences. (v. 3.2.0)
  16. Create a security account. Enable and disable 19 security options.
  17. Customize account labels.
  18. Account records are encrypted except the creation date. So is the security account password.
  19. Languages: English only.
  20. Application file size: 28.5 MB.
  21. The application comes with a complete user’s guide written in English. (Choose Help > User’s Guide.)
  22. The application comes with a 11-page introduction window, giving the user a quick tour over how it works.
  23. The user can swap data between this application and the iOS version (OrganizeX Mobile).

System requirements

  1. 10.8 (tested with 10.8.5), 10.9 (tested with 10.9.4), 10.10 (tested)
  2. 64-bit system


  1. The application window cannot be put in the fullScreen.
  2. Regardless of original graphic formats, all attachments are converted into JPEG data files.

Version history

3.2.2 (Released on December 18, 2014)

  1. Fix: The Time Search command under Account was accessible when the user opened Preferences and other window sheets.
  2. Preferences: The user now has an option of running a search case-sensitively or case-sensitively by default.

3.2.0 (Released on December 10, 2014)

  1. 8 new category icons are added.
  2. The application can now automatically create a backup data file every week, every 30 days, every 60 days or every 90 days. See the Backup tab of the Preferences window for more information.
  3. OrganizeX Mobile, iOS/iPad version, is now able to read the Notes field of each account when the user exports a backup data of the desktop version to the mobile version.

3.1.8 (Released on October 24, 2014)

  1. Some deprecated methods are removed in compliance with OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
  2. Fix: A custom font was not working properly.
  3. An incorrect key-equivalent was assigned to some of the push buttons.

3.1.6 (Released on October 3, 2014)

  1. Fix: When the user chose Application Support or User’s Guide under Help, other menu commands were accessible.
  2. The user can now choose Move Category Window under Category to move the category window exactly 30 px away from the main application window.

3.1.4 (Released on September 23, 2014)

  1. Fix: The application did not delete associated accounts and attachments when the user chose to delete a category.
  2. Fix: When the user edited the selected category, the application did not update data with appearance order information.
  3. Fix: When the user edited the selected account, the application did not update data with appearance order and highlight information.
  4. Fix: When the user edited the selected account and threw dice, the application failed to update the number image showing the length of a password or a username.

3.1.0 (Released on September 18,2014)

  1. Preferences: The user has an option of turning on or off the expansion tooltip that can appear when the mouse pointer hovers over the account list row.
  2. The user can now adjust the JPEG compression rate when they select an image file in making an attachment to the selected account as opposed to adjusting it by going to Preferences.
  3. Change: The user will be prompted to quit the application after clicking on the recover data button to recover data from a time-stamped backup copy in Preferences.
  4. The user can now drag and drop a row over the category window to change the order of appearance.
  5. The user can now drag and drop a row over the account list to change the order of appearance. Note that you can only drag and drop one row at a time. If multiple rows are selected, the drag-and-drop operation will be canceled.
  6. The user can run a search based on the creation date. Choose Time Search under Account. Then set inclusive start date and inclusive end date.

3.0.2 (Released on September 15, 2014)

  1. Fix: The application continued to show the same account values when the user selected a new category.
  2. Fix: The notes popover window could show only a single line of styled text.
  3. Fix: When the user updated an account, the application did not update account value fields.

User’s guide

Application user’s guide is available (only in English). Click here to access it online.

Trial/Demo version

Click here to download a trial version. This trial version will remain fully functional for 14 days, starting from the very moment you first launch it.

Video tutorial

A video tutorial with text commentary is available in the form of a QuickTime movie. Click here. The data size is 185.0 MB, and the movie duration is 19 minutes and 44 seconds. The video dimensions are 1,440 x 900 pts.

OrganizeX Essential is a product of MacHouse.
Apple and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Mac App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.

4 thoughts on “What’s Coming Up Next? – MacHouse Introducing OrganizeX Essential for Mac OS X

  1. I purchased this software (Version 3.1.6 (3.1.6)) from the Mac App store. The program is nice. What I wanted to do was add additional icons to the menu of icons you’ve included – icons that are more pertinent to some of the accounts that I have. I did look at what was written in Help but was not able to accomplish what I wanted with those instructions. I am using a MacBook Pro with Yosemite (the OS that was just released – the MacBook is new)


    Edward Armstrong

  2. Mr. Armstrong,

    Thank you for your using OrganizeX Essential. That’s true. The application does not allow you to add your own category icons. If there are ones that you really want included, we can do so. They have to be at least 128 px x 128 px.

  3. Does OrganizeX Essential give me the ability to easily switch a User on my mac to a new user? I have set up as an admin a user name RonL on my computer and I need to copy everything to a new user name that I will create due to permission-type issues that I am experiencing on my computer. Can your software help with this?

  4. Thank you for your interest in OrganizeX Essential. I suppose the answer to your question is Yes. But no Mac App Store application is allowed to share the same file across different Users under the sandbox agenda. So you’ll have to export a backup data file under one User and read it under another manually. There’s a trial version you can download so that you can test it beforehand. Please see the line that says Trial/Demo version.

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