What’s Coming Up Next? – MacHouse Introducing reLocateer for Mac OS X

Mac software reLocateer

TOKYO (MacHouse) – Life is full of disappointments and failures. Once you feel that your work is not good enough, it can take months, if not years, to overcome your own phantom. That’s where we are at right now. Nothing that we develop is good enough. And we just waste days, doing nothing. For that reason, we are most likely to release just one or two software titles this month and next.

Luckily, we managed to release the second software title of the month to Mac App Store a few hours ago. This new software submission is reLocateer.

Mac software reLocateer

The objective of reLocateer is based on our urgent need. Imagine a situation where you have dozens of folders, just as shown above, if not hundreds. And you need to explore each folder to collect its content. You don’t manually want to explore hundreds of folders to collect all files and folders. That’s why we’ve developed reLocateer.

Mac software reLocateer   Mac software reLocateer

reLocateer is a desktop application that lets you quickly move the contents of any number of folders to another under the same volume. reLocateer doesn’t copy files under one volume and then paste under another. Therefore, you must select a destination folder under the same volume where all source folders reside.  

Available at Mac App Store
Mac App Store


  1. Drag and drop source folders directly onto the drop box that is attached to the main application window.
  2. See the number of source folders.
  3. See the total number of files and folders to relocate.
  4. A modal sheet comes with a progress bar, which shows gradual progress.
  5. Click on the Cancel button to abort the relocation process.
  6. Language: English only.
  7. The application supports the Retina display.
  8. The application supports the fullscreen mode.
  9. Application file size: 1.5 MB
  10. The application comes with a complete user’s guide written in English. (Choose Help > User’s Guide.)

System requirements

  1. Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8, 10.9
  2. 64-bit system


  1. The user must select a destination path and source folders under the same volume.
  2. All source folders must reside under the same volume.

Version history

1.0.1 (January 7, 2014)

  1. The application failed to restore the last window dimensions.

Trial/Demo version

Click here to download a trial version. Meanwhile, if you regularly review Mac software, you may be eligible for receiving free coupon codes, which can be redeemed at Mac App Store. Click here for more information.

Video tutorial

A video tutorial with text commentary is available in the form of a QuickTime movie. Click here. The data size is 69.8 MB, and the movie duration is 7 minutes and 25 seconds. The video dimensions are 1,440 x 900 pts.

reLocateer is a product of MacHouse.

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