Introduction to Audio Editing (Mac Only)

WireTap Pro Amadeus II

This video tutorial has two folds. We use WireTap Pro, which is developed by Ambrosia Software, to record the audio part of a movie scene. We also record a piece of music that we’ve found on YouTube. In the first part of this tutorial, we will show you briefly how to set up WireTap Pro. The second part of this video tutorial concerns audio editing. We will edit audio recordings from those two sources, using a shareware title called Amadeus II, which is developed by HairerSoft. We only go over some of the basic functions of Amadeus II by editing our audio clips, and this video tutorial is not the ultimate solution to your audio editing. For example, we only show you that Amadeus II has functions to deal with white noise. But dealing with white noise requires more than knowing how to use a particular application. And we won’t go into too much detail for each function we introduce.

Note that the current available version of WireTap Pro is 1.2.0 and has been in Universal Binary. The current version of Amadeus II is 3.8.7 as of September 2, 2006. It has not been in Universal Binary.

  • The versions of WireTap Pro and Amadeus II used on these VTCs are 1.2.0 and 3.8.5, respectively.
  • The versions of VTC1 and VTC2 are both 1.0.
  • Video lengths: 6 minutes 7 seconds and 10 minutes 30 seconds, respectively
  • Video format: QuickTime
  • Video compression: H.264
  • Video resolution: 720 x 540 pixels
  • Audio commentary: Not available
  • These VTCs are only available to members.

  • Video Tutorial 1

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    Video Tutorial 1

    Mac video tutorials   Mac video tutorials

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    3 thoughts on “Introduction to Audio Editing (Mac Only)

    1. Hey, cool site! New to MACs so this has proven invaluable. Would love to see some VTC’s, best!

    2. Sorry to read of your decision to close your site. Sorry too, that I won’t be able to see these videos, they looked like they would be worth watching. C’est le vie. Good luck in whatever you do in the future. I’m surprised you didn’t get advertising support for your site.

    3. (1) You can watch it at YouTube.
      (2) We don’t have Google ads because we don’t run this website for money.

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