What’s Coming Up Next? – MacHouse Introducing DotsSweep for Mac OS X

Mac software DotsSweep

TOKYO (MacHouse) – It was just a couple of days ago when we last introduced the first Mac application in about 1 and a half years. And we are ready to introduce another Mac application. This new software release is called DotsSweep.

Mac software DotsSweep   Mac software DotsSweep

DotsSweep is a small desktop application that lets you delete invisible files (ones whose file names start with ._) in a folder of your selection. Actually, you can clean up multiple folders all at a time.

If there are invisible files in a folder, what’s the big deal? The question depends on how you use that folder. For example, if you use Xcode to develop iOS or Mac applications, that can cause a serious problem because referencing files directly to an existing folder can prevent you from sending a binary to iTunes Connect with Organizer. Also, if you have a folder that contains image files, importing it to other operating systems like Windows can make invisible files visible and make a mess.  

Available at Mac App Store
Mac App Store


  1. Batch-clean up any number of folders.
  2. Drag and drop one more folders to clean up directly onto application’s main window.
  3. Easily find out how many invisible files a particular folder has to delete.
  4. Print out the list of invisible files in a particular folder.
  5. Delete or not delete .DS_Store as well. You decide.
  6. Save the current list of target folders so that the application can load them automatically next time you launch it. (v. 1.2)
  7. Language: English only.
  8. The application supports the Retina display.
  9. Application file size: 11.3 MB (v. 1.2)
  10. The application comes with a complete online user’s guide. (Choose ‘User’s Guide’ under ‘Help.’)
  11. The application comes with an introduction screen giving the user a quick 5-page tour over how it works. (v. 1.2)

System requirements

  1. Mac OS X 10.7 Lion or higher
  2. 64-bit system


  1. The application window is not resizable. It is with Version 1.2.0

Version history

Note: Release dates are ones when updates are announced here, not when updates are actually released at App Store. We make no promise that they will be accepted by iTunes Connect and then released at App Store.

1.2.0 (Released on May 16, 2013 May 15, 2013)

  1. The entire application is rebuilt from a scratch.
  2. The application window is resizable. The application remembers the last window size.
  3. The application comes with an introduction screen, giving the user a 5-page quick tour over how it works.
  4. The user can now press the Delete key over a specific target folder to delist it.
  5. Now, the main application window supports the fullscreen.
  6. Fix: The application allowed the user to drag and drop files as opposed to folders.
  7. Clicking on the Save button under the list control, the user can save a list of target folders. Every time the application starts up, it will load this list. Clicking on the Clear button, they can trash the target folder list so that it will start with a clean list when the application starts up next time.
  8. The list control supports contextual commands for removing and clearing folders.
  9. Other numerous minor changes are made.

Please note that all values in Preferences are initialized with the introduction of this software update since the application is rebuilt from a scratch.

1.1.0 (Unknown)

Details are unrecorded.

1.0.3 (Released on May 16, 2013)

  1. Fix: The application could fail to save user settings and restore the position of the main application window.
  2. The user can now click on the Refresh toolbar button to refresh the folder list especially after cleaning up folders.
  3. Fix: The application could fail to refresh toolbar buttons only the user read folders using the drop box.

User’s guide

Application user’s guide is available (only in English). Click here to access it online.

Trial version

Click here to download a trial version. A fully-functional trial version will expire in May 31, 2013.

DotsSweep is a product of MacHouse.

18 thoughts on “What’s Coming Up Next? – MacHouse Introducing DotsSweep for Mac OS X

  1. Does the application auto launch on login?
    When the application launches does it remember the previous targets that were to be kept clean?
    I’m currently using a free utility that I can auto launch on login but each time it launches I have to once again drag the targets onto the window to be cleaned.

  2. Thank you for your using DotsSweep. No, it won’t for now. It sounds like a good improvement suggestion. I’m in the middle of working on something else right now. So I’ll get back with you in 3 to 4 days to see if I can do anything about improving the application in your suggested manner.

  3. Hello, Ravi. We’ve submitted a software update to Mac App Store. Version 1.2 will let you save the current list of target folders by clicking on the Save button located under the folder list. When you start up the application next time, DotsSweep will list them up. So you won’t have to drag and drop them onto the application window every time you work on the same group of folders. The following link will give you more information on this update.

  4. Thank you for your interest in this application, Ravi. Please let us know if you need anything after using the Mac App Store version.

  5. Does it recurse through subfolders?
    For example I have an SD card that I use with my RC Airplane Transmitter. I’d like to go through all sub folders and remove all dot files because when I read the SD card in the transmitter all the dot files show up.
    Similarly I have a NAS with 100s of folders that I’d like to clean up. When I bragged in a NAS folder only 1 file needed cleaning which seems unlikely. However I did run “Clean smb mess” earlier this week which did the entire directory tree.

  6. Hello, Ravi. No, I don’t think it does. Let me see if I can do anything about that. But it’ll take some time. And I can’t set any timeline. If I fix that, I may have to rebuild the entire application.

  7. I’m sorry to hear you trouble. Have you opened Preferences and turned on the second checkbox? If that doesn’t help, what are your system configurations?

  8. Umm, yes, I need to know your system specifications. And the checkbox is actually the 4th one that I was talking about. You are right. I guess I was reading an older version of user’s guide online.

    Anyway, the application won’t delete the .DS_Store file. It will delete the ._.DS_Store file. I guess the 4th checkbox is definitely misleading. You don’t want to delete the former because it’s been used by the system, though. Yet, if you aren’t happy with the way this application works, please request a refund through Mac App Store.

  9. LOL No, just wanted to check if there was another way or see if you would add it for the future. My problem is when I push to github and create zip files as well. Actually GitHub ignores .* files… now have to find a way to clean out .* from zip files… Using my windows box for now…

  10. I am afraid that I cannot work on an additional feature that you have asked for. The objective of this application is to delete files whose names start with period + underscore (._), which simply excludes .DS_Store. If I want to let this application delete .DS_Store, then there would be a significant change in code.

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