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iOS software iPad StickHere

TOKYO (MacHouse) – Again, it’s been pretty much two weeks since we released the last pair of iOS applications. Of course, that’s a sign that we’ve been working on something big. Well, not quite… Hmm… Maybe… Anyway, we are ready to introduce another pair of applications, a licensed one and its freeware version. The first one to introduce is StickHere.

iOS software iPad StickHere   iOS software iPad StickHere

StickHere offers a virtual clipboard where you can post as many note and picture clips. You may think that the work area is limited. So you can post just several note and picture clips. That’s right. But you can just use your finger and swipe to the right to initiate a new page. Then post more. If the second page is full. Swipe to the right again to start another. And… post more! Write a quick note with the text color, text size, font of your choice. Freely move clips around the clipboard. Just tap the clip if you want to delete or edit any of them.  


  1. Create as many clipboard pages as you want on top of any number of note and picture clips.
  2. Select a font, text size, text color when you create a note clip.
  3. Undo/Redo changes when creating a note clip.
  4. Choose one of the twelve window colors for note clips.
  5. Choose either horizontal (landscape) or vertical (portrait) orientation when creating a picture clip.
  6. Choose one of the six date formats.
  7. Choose one of the seven background patterns for the main screen.
  8. Set as many as five user-defined string values.
  9. Choose either Photos (the Photos library) or Application (application’s sandbox-protected folder) as the source of pictures.
  10. Configure your default settings in the Settings screen.
  11. Language: English only.
  12. Application file size: 23.3 MB
  13. The application comes with a complete built-in user’s guide. (Tap ‘Help’ and choose ‘Open User’s Guide.’)

System requirements

  1. iOS 6.0 or higher
  2. iPad


  1. In order to transfer image files to the sandbox-protected folder assigned to this application, the user must have access to a desktop computer with iTunes (Apple’s multimedia software) installed.
  2. The application can only read JPEG or PNG formats.
  3. The height of the note clip is directly determined by the content height. The width of the note clip is arbitrary set to 360 pixels.
  4. A picture you select must have at least 360 x 360 pixels in dimensions. All picture clips are displayed at 360 x 268 (horizontal) or 268 x 360 (vertical) pixels.
  5. The application supports the portrait orientation (vertical) only.
  6. A set of user-selected font style, text color, text size will apply to the entire body of text. And the user cannot apply different sets to individual letters or words.

Version history

Note: Release dates are ones when updates are announced here, not when updates are actually released at App Store. We make no promise that they will be accepted by iTunes Connect and then released at App Store.

1.0.7 (May 10, 2013)

  1. Fix: With large picture files (like 4 – 5 MB) in application’s sandbox-protected folder, the application could crash when the user tapped the application button repeatedly while trying to set a picture clip.
  2. Change: The application now accepts images smaller than 360 x 360 px as picture clips.

1.0.5 (April 26, 2013)

  1. Fix: When the popover window for creating a new note clip or editing an existing one opened, the Undo and Redo buttons could incorrectly indicate that the undo stack has one or more actions to undo or redo.
  2. Fix: The application could occasionally fail to save the new position after the user moved a clip. This update offers a complete fix.
  3. Preferences: The user can now delete image files in the sandbox-protected application folder assigned to this application. (See the section titled ‘Deleting image files.’)
  4. Preferences: The user can now choose one of the ten colors for page numbers. (See the section titled ‘Page number color.’)
  5. Several other improvements and changes are made.

StickHere is a product of MacHouse.

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